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Party Style: Divine Lee

Steal Divine Lee's fab party style.
Party Style: Divine Lee Steal Divine Lee's fab party style.

Everyone needs some fashion inspiration every now and then, and what better place to look than the Style Bible galleries?

You've seen the most stylish party girls in our pages, but of course, there are a few outstanding ladies who have repeatedly shown up on our radar. Time and time again, these fashionistas have proven their mettle, wearing the best outfits, slugging it out in our weekly Style Star, and showing everyone what it means to be a true fashionista.

The first among them is a name that any Style Bible reader or fashion insider will recognize. Divine Lee is the prime example of the stylish woman we all look up to. She was one of our first Style Stars ever, and even today, she never disappoints with her sophisticated personal style. With her choice of elegant pieces, statement shoes, and classic cuts, this real-estate heiress and fashion-lover certainly knows how to dress for a party.

Ladies, it looks like we've found our divine inspiration for the holiday party season! Take your cue from Divine and go for classic looks that will never go out of style. Like Divine, try simple cuts, intricate details, and quality clothing, but never forget to have fun!

Click on to learn how to channel her super style.

-Bernice Bautista, Editorial Assistant

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