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Owndays: How a Nearsighted Fashion Girl Found Her Paradise

I saw the light.
Owndays: How a Nearsighted Fashion Girl Found Her Paradise
I saw the light.

Fun fact about me: My eyeballs are weirdly elongated.

No, seriously. I've had severe myopia since I was six, and my ophthalmologist has always told me that it's because I was born with unusually oblong-shaped corneas. I started out with a grade of 1.50 my first year in elementary school, and the numbers have been climbing steadily ever since. (At 22, my left eye borders on 8.00. I know.)

The last time I got a new pair of glasses was right before my 18th birthday. I bought them in a frenzied, semi-blind rush—my bag had been stolen and I lost my favorite specs along with it. Fashion-wise, hasty decisions very rarely turn out well, and so I've been dealing with a rather unflattering pair for the last four years.

That said, take a moment to imagine my joy at the Japanese eyewear brand Owndays' recent event. I was ecstatic. Uplifted. Inspired. So inspired, I decided to write about it. Below, five things I loved:


1. Every time I get a new pair of specs, I usually wait a week for them to arrive because my grades are pretty high and so the lenses have to be specially made. With Owndays, I received the finished product after 20 minutes—nothing short of a miracle.

2. These are frames fit for a fashion girl. Owndays carries brands like John Dillinger, Graph Belle, Butterfly Effect, and Fuwa Cellu, all brimming with options for the shortsighted-yet-stylish.

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3. I'm no stranger to how high prices for prescription glasses can get. Owndays not only lets you choose from a slew of chic options; they also offer ultra thin lenses for no additional fee, no matter how high your degree is! Digits range from PHP 2990 to PHP 6990 a pair. Trust me, this is not bad at all.


4. You can get graded sunnies made! Daylight-induced eye strain no more.


5. They'll replace the lenses from an old pair (bought from any shop!) at a fixed price. Best part? The service fee even includes eyesight measurement, fitting, lens processing, and frame cleaning.

Ready to see the light? Visit Owndays at Level 1, Shop 132 Estancia Mall, Meralco Ave, Pasig, 1605 Metro Manila or at!

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