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What's the Secret to Outfit Repeating?

These fashion influencers share tips on maximizing outfit pieces and their must-have product to keep them looking new for longer..
What's the Secret to Outfit Repeating?

Outfit repeating is one of the more ridiculous fashion crimes one can be accused of, and to be scoffed at for repeating individual pieces is just as absurd. Say it with us: There’s nothing wrong with wearing something you like over and over again.

Take it from some of your favorite fashion lovers: Creating different looks around a well-loved piece of clothing is all part of the fun of dressing up! And with the NEW Comfort Care detergent keeping clothes looking new for longer, each outfit stays fresh every time you rock it.

Here’s how fashion icons like Janine Gutierrez and Laureen Uy pull off outfit repeating:

Adapt it to the time of day.
Daryl Chang has no qualms about repeating this mint green suit, and for good reason: It's absolutely delicious. How she wears it depends on the time of the day—a louder green top underneath the blazer and pink handbag keeps things candy-colored while the sun is up, while deeper shades of green and black help tone things down for a classier nighttime look.

Go monochromatic, or play with prints.
Co-ords or matching sets aren’t just cute additions to your wardrobe. They’re also practical since you can take them apart and wear each half with other things. Janine Gutierrez does this with her favorite cobalt blue two-piece outfit: It looks great worn on its own, or with the skirt styled with patterned tops.

Make a piece the focal point of different styles.
Laureen Uy makes the most of her favorite jacket by making it the centerpiece to different styles, going from casual summer wear, to a chic mod-inspired look, to a fun sportswear ensemble. She makes sure that each look stays cohesive with the others by keeping the palettes similar, choosing to make the rest of the outfit an accent to the jacket.

Find ways to level up individual pieces.
Some pieces can be a lot more flexible than you think, like Sarah Labahti's red track pants. It makes for a cute casual outfit when worn with an airy button-down top, white sneakers, and a cute handbag. She levels it up for more formal occasions, however, switching out the top for a blazer in the same shade, and the sneakers for open-toe pumps. It's essentially the same outfit, but with a little more structure.

Change up the silhouette.
As Nicole Andersson shows us in these pics, you can get away with wearing the exact same outfit by using other pieces to shape it differently. Her monochromatic tartan coat can be worn loosely for a walk around town, complete with sleek white sneakers and a chic backpack. The moment she cinches it at the waist with her leather fanny pack, however, the look is completely transformed. A chunkier pair of sneakers thrown in for good measure completes the ensemble by having a bit of fun with the proportions.

While these tips can help you put together an ensemble that isn’t stable, they can only go so far if your clothes look old.

NEW Comfort Care detergent fights off the five signs of clothes aging so you can keep your clothes looking new for longer. You can be an outfit repeater without the fear of color fading, roughness, shape loss, bobbling (balls of loose thread on the surface of your clothes or himulmol), and yellowness. Make the most out of your favorite outfits and keep them #NewForLonger with NEW Comfort Care Detergent. Shop here.

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