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Our Favorite On-screen Looks On Rachel Mcadams

Let's all greet her a stylish happy birthday!
Our Favorite On-screen Looks On Rachel Mcadams Let's all greet her a stylish happy birthday!

Today, Rachel McAdams turns 36. And you know how we like to celebrate birthdays here, right? We love how this lady styles herself on the red carpet and off, but she has a few classic movies we can’t help but put on the spotlight today. The Canadian beauty has a knack for doing either tear-jerker love stories or being the hot meanie; but more importantly, she's a chameleon who can adapt to whatever look is given to her. Scroll down to see our favorites. 


In 2002, we first noticed the young Rachel starring beside part-Filipino comedian, Rob Schneider in the movie The Hot Chick.  Her character Jessica Spencer drove a super chic beetle, and her posse was of course stylish and pretty. Using their beauty and overflowing charm to get what they want, the girls, especially Jessica, learn their lesson the hard way when her body magically got switched with Rob's. But what was it about style that we  learned? That floral and denim were cool back then and still remains to be.



How can we possibly forget the movie that out her on the map? As the queen of the plastics, Regina George was a clear trendsetter in her high school. Let's not forget that she did give Cady Heron a makeover before they started backstabbing each other. We have to admit, there are Wednesdays when we just can't help but wear pink. 


Even while filming teen flicks like Mean Girls, Rachel also took on more serious roles like Allie Hamilton's in the blockbuster The Notebook. This was where our love affair (and hers) with Ryan Gosling all started. And as classic as the movie has become, her pearls and iconic blue dress have also been etched in our minds since. 



Further into her career, Rachel has begun to show that her acting chops can do more than just being the queen bee or romatic leading lady. In Sherlock Holmes where she scored a role opposite Robert Downey Jr., she played the witty and smart Irene Adler who helps the detective solve mysteries. Aside from the massive, poofy frocks and chic fascinators she wore, we also would love to cop her vest, button-down, and booties ensemble that would make a perfect look for this coming December. 

Happy Birthday, Rachel! Please do make more movies with looks we won't be able to forget.