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Coco Chanel's Grocery List

Take a look at this designer shopping basket.
Coco Chanel's Grocery List Take a look at this designer shopping basket.

What does every stylish woman do? Go to the grocery of course! Last year Karl Lagerfeld opened the doors to the chicest supermarket during Paris Fashion Week when he presented Chanel’s Fall 2014 collection. Cara Delevingne opened the show dressed in the pink tweed coat over a cropped turtle neck and skinny sweats—the perfect outfit for picking out fruits, meat, and detergent! Seeing that there’s another mid-week break coming ahead, we’ve decided to take a trip back to the grocers to stock up on some double Cs to make the day a little more productive. Here’s what’s on our grocery list - all in Chanel packaging:


1. Detergent

Even the most stylish of chicks has to do the dirty laundry.

2. Eggs

We need this for making this Oscar-worthy recipe.

3. Chocolate

For our chocolate hazelnut chia pudding of course!

4. Cheese

Every girl needs some formage in her fridge.

5. Bouillon

It’s really just broth but doesn’t saying it in French make it sound more chic?

6. Chanterelles

Fungus, yum!

7. Vegetable oil

Coco canola, anyone?

8. Extra virgin olive oil

Heavenly with French bread.

9. Coconut milk

Because chic pets need chic milk to drink.

Photos from Jak and Jil and Chanel

Collage by Yayay De Castro

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