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Ornusa Cadness Spotted On A Topman Shirt!

The sexiness that is Ornusa Cadness can now be worn because of Topman!
Ornusa Cadness Spotted On A Topman Shirt! The sexiness that is Ornusa Cadness can now be worn because of Topman!

An and En Estrada, photographers/bloggers collectively known as Your Evil Twin, set up a fun shoot with three big models—Ornusa Cadness, Sanya Smith, and Mia Ayesa—in a hotel room one day. "In fact, we only used an old point and shoot film camera for that shot. We didn't have a hair and makeup team," reveals An.

The shoot was originally for an exhibit at The Collective held last June, but after New Love Club, a London-based t-shirt brand and a regular stockist for Topman UK,  spotted their online portfolio, they recieved an interesting letter in their inbox.

"They contacted us through email saying they really like some of the photographic images we posted on our website and think our style can work well for them," shared An. The photograph got great feedback from the New Love Club's online followers and now the shirt with Ornusa's photo has been stamped on a tee and is being sold online by Topman. "Until now we can't believe our homemade photo shoots made it to Topman," quips An adding, "We just asked her to wear our old Star Trek shirt!"


The pair has been commissioned by Topman for upcoming designs, now working with a creative brief from the brand. "It's [a bit of pressure] but it's sort of a wait and see thing," says An.

The Internet has become a really a powerful tool for artists; "New Love Club constantly checks our blog from time to time and pick the ones they like. They just send an agreement form and pay us thru Paypal. All transactions are done online—agreement, payment, submission."

It goes to show that the world wide web can really get your work out there, take it from these twins who now have their photographs on the shirts of a British high street label. And by the way, Korean popstar, Rain, as seen in this LiveJournal entry, has been spotted wearing the tee too!

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