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Heart Evangelista Is Going To Be The Sassiest Political Wife Ever

An open letter to Heart ahead of her wedding day.
Heart Evangelista Is Going To Be The Sassiest Political Wife Ever An open letter to Heart ahead of her wedding day.

Collage by Yayay de Castro

Dear Heart,

You might not remember me but I styled you once for a Fil-Canadian magazine. As usual, the shoot was Wong Kar-Wai inspired. If you're still blanking, I was the girl with an Aussie-ish assistant in tow. He was buttoning you up and gushed respectfully about your breasts. And you said something like, "Thanks, I got them a while ago."

How, pray tell, could you be so candid? I absolutely loved it.


(Image via Accent Magazine)

Since then, I've been a secret Heart E fan. I returned the blazer you left at the shoot to your dressing room in Party P—but alas you weren't there. I watched you, however, in the media. And to be honest, it was quite like catching you in person. In every interview, you seemed honest. You'd talk about the hard stuff with your family and still be gracious. You went public with your paintings. Very Cory. You'd show off your teacup pups. (Hi Casper!) You even made animal welfare your pet cause.

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It suffices to say that you were born to be a politician's wife! You are just oozing with sass and style. But with your new status in life, I hope you don't ever feel the need to tame down your look. Sure, you look great in the serious, modest (and seriously modest) Political Wives' Uniform: the short-sleeved, knee-length, nipped-waist dress. But I'm guessing yours will be by Victoria Beckham, paired with spindly Louboutins. I am reminded of the time you covered Esquire wearing a teeny tank top with the word Vote on it. That was certainly a case for the commingling of, um, chest and state. You always did have a sexy side.


I wonder: Is there a dress code at the Senate? Cause I've seen some questionable crop-top ternos at the SONA at the House of Reps, to think that there isn't, reallyIn fact if there's one thing I'd ask, it's that you never kowtow to censors.

(Image via I am Love Marie)


Please. Don't ever stop wearing your bras in public.


Your one-time ex-stylist