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Online Store of the Week: Sundae Swimwear

Take a dip in these stylish pieces.
Online Store of the Week: Sundae Swimwear
Take a dip in these stylish pieces.

These days, swimwear brands come a dime a dozen, but there are few that make the cut in terms of both style and quality. Sundae Swimwear first caught our eye in 2016 with their collection of Baywatch-worthy, dangerously high-cut maillots, but a year has passed and owner Keshia Fraser just keeps surprising us with quirky-yet-subtle pieces that we just can't stop wearing. Heading to the beach soon? Snap up a Sundae for the seaside!


Sundae Swimwear Clamshell Supreme One-Piece, P2000,

 What inspired you to start Sundae Swimwear?

"I've been going to the beach ever since I was a little girl. I grew up in Cebu and the beach was just an hour away. Plus, I've always wanted to have my own business as my line of work, so I put my passion for the beach and my particular interest in swimwear and started Sundae."

Where do you get ideas for designs?

"I'm inspired by all the dream swimwear that I would like to take with me on my next beach holiday. I also like to take ideas from other pieces of clothing, like a particular detail from a dress! And of course, I create pieces on demand by the market."


Sundae Swimwear Sassy Maillot, P1200,

 Where did the name Sundae come from?

"Sundae is named after the ice cream treat, which tasted especially great while you're on the beach on a hot day and you'd like nothing more than a nice cold sundae."

Tell us more about your latest collection.

"We love the silver holographic and colorful tie-dye pieces! I fell in love the moment I saw the fabric and immediately imagined rainbows and unicorns! So, naturally, I named the colorful tie-dye pieces Rainbow Unicorn. I actually wanted to call it Unicorn Tears--I think the colors really look like that Too Faced lipstick and I've always wanted one. The silver holographic ones are super limited-edition, though, so snap them up!"



Sundae Swimwear Kayla Bikini in Rainbow Unicorn, P1800,

What do you love most about starting your own label?

"I get to keep one of every design for myself! Haha. But seriously, it would be being my own boss and having a chance to help others by giving jobs to young, skilled, talented seamstress; plus, the sense of fulfillment after a job done whether it was a success or failure."

What would you say is the overall look/aesthetic of Sundae?

"Sundae's look is young, fun, sweet, cute, and sexy. It is swimwear that makes you happy while on holiday. After all, the brand's tagline is 'You're On Holiday'!"

Shop Sundae Swimwear here, and check out their Instagram at @wear_sundae!