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This Brand Has Chic Minimalist Pieces You Can Wear to Special Occasions

This Brand Has Chic Minimalist Pieces You Can Wear to Special Occasions
IMAGE Courtesy of Paolo Miguel
Young designer Paolo Miguel proves that basic is never boring.

How many times have you found yourself digging through the closet to find an outfit that's dressy enough to wear to a special event? This young local designer, Paolo Miguel, is all about addressing this fashion woe. He recently launched his eponymous brand that's dedicated to filling your closets with minimalist yet dressy pieces that you can easily wear to an evening affair!

Below, Paolo talks to Preview as he reveals more details about his new line.

What is the concept behind By Paolo Miguel? Where did the name come from?

"Our brand is basically affordable luxury wear. All the pieces in our ready-to-wear line can be altered or made to your measurements. We also do custom ensembles from evening wear to bridal. We want to make it easier for women to dress up for special occasions. I decided to use my name to really embody the brand since it represents me as a designer."

PHOTO BY Courtesy of Paolo Miguel

Who designs your pieces? Please describe your overall aesthetic.

"I design all the pieces for the brand. My aesthetic leans more towards the quirky and whimsical side. Our Launch Collection however is more on the basic side because we wanted our first collection to be approachable and wearable. We wanted to establish our classic pieces first."

What kind of materials do you use in producing your items? Where and how do you manufacture the pieces?

"The prominent textile that we used for the Launch Collection is silk gazar. We make all the garments in our studio and all of them are made meticulously one by one."

PHOTO BY Courtesy of Paolo Miguel

What made you decide to pursue these materials and production route?

"We wanted the garments to be used for special occasions like events and such. So we used textiles that can channel the dressed up vibe we’re going for. From the get go we wanted to put a lot of attention with the construction. Our training from Slim’s Fashion & Arts School has taught us to be meticulous with our construction, so we apply that to all our garments."

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How did you start your business and who are its founders? Could you tell us something about yourselves?

"I started this business with my aunt Jihan Jaafar. Ever since I made a terno for her six years ago, we’ve been toying with the possibility of making a designer brand, however we’ve been busy with other things so it’s been on hold for the past couple of years. We finally decided to start this year. Everything seemed to line up and it felt like the now is the perfect time."

PHOTO BY Courtesy of Paolo Miguel

Who do you have in mind wearing your pieces? Describe the ideal Paolo Miguel muse.

"I like to think that our pieces are for the girl who dresses for herself. She’s not dressing up to impress someone, she’s dressing up for herself."

PHOTO BY Courtesy of Paolo Miguel

What are your brand's greatest strengths? What sets you apart from other stores?

"Our team is still quite small but I think they’re the greatest strength of the brand. They’re very dedicated to their craft and put a lot of heart into every single piece of garment that we make. Our main goal is to make our clients feel like their best self in our clothes so we make sure to give the extra mile to accommodate our client’s needs."

What about its weaknesses? How are you able to overcome these?

"We’re just a startup brand so our resources are very limited at the moment. Even though our humble studio is quaint, we make do with what we have and make the most out of it."

Where do you see your brand in the coming years? What should we expect from By Paolo Miguel in the future?

"Now that our basic pieces are out, we’re going to focus on designs that are in line with my aesthetics for our capsule bespoke collection but we’re still going to translate them to wearable pieces for our ready-to-wear line. Hopefully our humble little brand grows in the future so we can continue to do what we love."

What's your price range?

"Our RTW ranges from P3500 to P10,000 and our Bespoke Ensembles start at P10,000."

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