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Online Store of the Week: Loca

Badass-ery at its finest.
Online Store of the Week: Loca Badass-ery at its finest.

Follow @wearloca  on Instagram and on your first look you’ll automatically see that it’s not your ordinary swimwear line. Craywear, as how owner and designer Martinna Manalac describes her baby, Loca was just recently launched last May 13. It was a Friday, if you must know—a day that most would find unlucky—but Martinna, on the other hand, thought it was perfect.

Meant to be worn by the rich, bad, and beautiful, “Miss Loca knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to say it. She knows she’s sexy and doesn’t mind showing off a little skin. She’s a bit crazy, yes, but that’s what keeps her interesting. Miss Loca is classy yet unpredictable–she’s sophisti-cray.” And if you are this girl, we suggest you keep on reading.

Hi, Martinna! Please describe your design aesthetic? You sketch your own designs, right?

Yes! Everything starts with a few sketches. I do a lot of fashion illustrations so it comes easy to me. But when it comes to Loca, I prefer to keep it bold and simple. It’s all about the cut, shape, and silhouette.


Wrestle with Me, P1400

Where do you get inspiration for your pieces?

Everything, really—from Audrey Hepburn to the Kardashians, from Amelie to Pulp Fiction, from Balmain to what my one-year-old niece is wearing.

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Sex sex sex, P1600

Aside from risque swimwear (with equally naughty names), what else do you offer?

Loca is more than just swimwear. Basically, the concept was to create bodysuits that you could wear from the beach to the dance floor. We want to make pieces that are different, thus the swimsuits with chokers, the underboob cuts, etc. It’s all about sending the message—Loca isn’t afraid.


Goody goody, P2000

Finally, we love your brand name! Can you please tell us the story on how you came up with Loca?

Loca in Spanish means crazy. I’m clinically bipolar. When people started telling me that I’m crazy, I just thought, "Well, then let’s make a business out of it!" I created Loca Craywear to tell a story—to say that it's okay to be different. It’s okay to be a little crazy. What everyone thinks is your weakness is actually your strength waiting to happen.


Love me, fool me, P1600

Ready to bring out your inner cray? 

Photos courtesy of Loca

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