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Online Store of the Week: Factory

Only for the cool kids.
Online Store of the Week: Factory
IMAGE Kitkat Pajaro
Only for the cool kids.

Inspired by the captivating style and subculture of the '60s, ready-to-wear newcomer Factory is here to spice up your throwback-inspired ootds. With tees, logo caps, and an embroidered jacket that is to die for, the debut collection mixes the quirkiness of the past and style of the present.

To know more about the new local label, we caught up with the mind behind the brand, 20-year old designer Fed Pua.  

IMAGE Kitkat Pajaro

Factory 1996 Tee, P950,

Hi Fed! Can you tell us more about Factory? What inspired it?

"I buy a lot of vintage stuff, most of my wardrobe is vintage. It’s a mix of stuff that I buy on eBay, things I find when I go to Japan and stuff from thrift shops or ukays. I really wanted a brand that is inspired by that but is still new. In the local ready-to-wear parang wala pa. And I think that what sets Factory apart—it’s vintage-inspired but mixes modern styles, modern fits, and modern looks. At the same time, it talks about my life. It’s an extension of myself and a reflection on the Manila life. That’s why it’s so easily wearable. Walang padrama drama, hindi siya avant garde."

IMAGE Kitkat Pajaro

Factory Rainbow Tee, P950,

Where did the name “Factory” come from?

"The name 'Factory' is actually from Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory. During the '60s and '70s, the Silver Factory was basically Warhol’s studio. Every night he would throw parties and his guests were a mix of socialites, drug dealers, drag queens, everyone! The social hierarchy was super evident at the time but he broke the barriers and every was free to do what they wanted. Everyone was authentic with what they did. I feel like that is something that I personally have never experienced here. So, I think it’s me living vicariously through the photos. So, it’s inspired by that and what I wanted to see."

What’s the best part about starting a label?

"The support I have been receiving is one of them. Also, in terms of the local landscape, there aren’t a lot of of ready-to-wear brands to choose from so I guess people are really excited to see something new. Everyone appreciates emerging artists and emerging clothing lines. I’m also very happy that people like the clothes. The clothes and designs make the people say, 'I’m gonna keep coming back.'"


IMAGE Kitkat Pajaro

Factory Souvenir denim jacket, P2850,

With this, what has been the most exciting thing that has happened in the whole process so far?

"Definitely, the main item in the first collection, which is the denim jacket that was used for Sam Lee’s movie, Baka Bukas. It’s the signature look of Jasmine Curtis-Smith’s character Alex. It was on the movie poster and it was probably worn all throughout the movie. The stylist, MJ Benitez, was the one who approached me because I assist her during shoots. So, when she found out that I was making a brand, she asked me if they could use the jacket for Alex. Siyempre, oo! I’m really grateful for MJ and Sam that they gave this opportunity for good exposure for the collection."

What can we expect from Factory in the future?

"Siguro more dramatic pieces, still wearable but I want to mix fabrics. Kasi in the first collection, besides being pressed for budget, I also didn’t want to release something that people can’t wear. I want it to progress as more fashionable, more dramatic but at the same time still very wearable. Also, the goal from the start will always be the goal—to continue making my dream wardrobe. It’s what I want to see my friends wearing and the things I want to see myself wearing. So, it’s a very organic process as it goes. I guess there’s still so much to see as a designer, that’s why I’m just playing things by ear so when I get inspire, that’s when I will make the next collection."

Factory launched their debut collection last October 19, so be sure to head over their site to shop their new collection and drop by their Instagram account for your daily dose of '60s inspo.