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This is Why You Keep Twinning With Your Workmate

Here's the lowdown on office twinning.
This is Why You Keep Twinning With Your Workmate
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Here's the lowdown on office twinning.

Working for a fashion magazine may mean seeing less corporate blue shirts and pencil skirts worn as uniforms in the office, but this doesn't mean we don't find ourselves wearing the same (if not similar) items to work. Truth is, accidental twinning is not an uncommon sighting in the office, especially in the Preview HQ. We always find ourselves complimenting a workmate's pair of trousers, only to recognize we actually own the same thing. You can also easily identify us from afar since we have the tendency to dress as if we belong in a collection.

I've observed this for a while now. Why do Yanna and I always buy the same pair of pants? Why do I end up buying the same shoes as Marj? How come Nicole, Maui and Yanna have the exact same pair of nude mules? Do we have some sort of telepathic ability where we all come to work wearing whites on the same day? 

Here enters the science behind this. Loosely anchored on Darwinism, matching with your colleagues is actually linked to evolution. Just as animals flock, humans herd together to survive. This is also true when it comes to the workplace. In order to pull through and become successful, one must learn to belong first. 

In an interview with The Independent, psychologist Dr. Karen Pine, explains, “People feel safer when they dress alike. They are signalling their need to belong to the group. A team that chooses the same style of dress for work is indicating their cohesiveness, which may reflect a wider collaborative culture.”

Being sartorially in sync with the team indicates acceptance and positive relationships within the group. Clothes are an extension of our beings. Thus, how we dress is what we are like. And seeing reflections of ourselves in other people draws us closer to them, fostering a healthier work environment. 


So the next time you come in to work accidentally twinning with a workmate, don't feel annoyed or throw away that item. Accept that something looks great on both of you. Save time and energy from mulling over it and instead, embrace that you both have great taste.