Newsflash: Pearls Are Making A Comeback! StyleBible Preview

Newsflash: Pearls Are Making A Comeback!

You can style them with modern vibes, too.
Newsflash: Pearls Are Making A Comeback!

In recent years, pearl accessories have only seemed to be found in two places: publicly, in every Audrey Hepburn-themed merchandise and privately, hidden in your mom's well-guarded side table jewelry box. But we're feeling that this year seems to be a great time to revive the classic accessory. 2016 has been rife with throwback fashion trinkets making their way back to the style grind: fur has gone from luxe to cool; formerly frumpy, low-heeled mules are stylish again, and—in case you missed it—'90s chokers are a thing

So we say, why not give pearl accessories a new lease in your sartorial exploits. The recipe: streetwear pieces, a dressed-down demeanor, and Cool Girl (as opposed to Couture Girl) as the vibe that brings it all together, and you've got yourself a collection of pearls relevant in the time of Snap Chat stories, flatlay art and Kylie Jenner. 

Read on to see how we style these WWW Pearls, available at the The SM Store Accessories section:

Bring on the Romance


Necklace, from P199.75; Earrings, P199.75 and Bracelets, P149.75

We'd style this ultra-sweet pearl set with an off-shoulder top and pointed low block heels.

Era of Opulence

Necklace, P379.75; Ring, P129.75; Earrings, P179.75 and Bracelet, P199.75

Best believe we're not going formal on this ultra-ornate pearl set: we'll take it with a white tank, jogger pants and strappy gold heels.

Seeing Circles 

Necklace, P249.75; Earrings, P179.75 and Bracelet, P199.75

The sheer volume of this ensemble is almost too much to handle, so we'll keep it solid in on-trend tangerine.

All Together Now

Necklace, from P249.75; Rings, from P99.75 and Earrings, from P129.75

Thank God, Victorian is relevant again: flounce and frills go great with this multi-strand set, but we'll ditch fancy footwear for simple slides.

Layer on Layer

Necklace, from P249.75; Earrings, P179.75; Ring, from P129.75 and Bracelet, P149.75

Slip dresses are everywhere, and we like it. Our rack-long collection of low-V silk slips will look great with these sexy pearls grazing down our bare chests.

Dolled up in Denim

Necklace, from P249.75; Ring, P149.75 and Bracelet, P199.75

A pearl + dainty bow combo is a level 9 challenge to our athleisure-programmed sartorial senses, but, lest we forget we're fashion girls (and fashion girls pull off anything), a long denim shirtdress and white sneakers mix these pearls up in a major way.

Off The Cuff

Cuffs, P199.75

We're not quite over geek chic just yet—this gorgeous cuff trio best complements our Ivy League-worthy outfit.

We say, choose to celebrate yourself and invest in a chic pearl set that you can always whip out even as trends change. Choose #SMAccessoriesEveryday with pearl jewelry from WWW, available at Ladies' Accessories Department, The SM Store. Styles may vary per store. Check out Facebook for more information. 

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