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New Sneaks that Fit Every Kind of Fashion Girl

See which one speaks of you!
New Sneaks that Fit Every Kind of Fashion Girl

Fashion girls come in all shapes, sizes and personas. Whether you’re with Team Cozy, Team Excessorize or Team Classic, the new Lacoste Gazon slip ons will take you from crazy days in the office to adventure-filled nights about town. Match your personality and the perfect shoe shade to go with your wardrobe!

Team Cozy

Sure, your friends think you’re just too lazy to get dressed for anything. But who cares if you can rock tattered boyfriend jeans, a side-boob revealing tank and a messy top knot and make it look hot? If you’re one of those ladies who couldn’t care less about filling up their closets with all the staples, then the dark grey Gazons are perfect for you!

The Excessorize

No one can be blamed for wanting the finest things in life. There are just some girls who love bespoke items that look like walking pieces of art. For those who regularly run trips to their favorite ataliers and don’t mind breaking the bank occasionally with trendy fashion pieces, get your hands on the dark green Gazons, stat! Oh, and no one would mind if you wore sneaks to the launch of that new store since it’s still a fashion thing, right?

Team Classic

If crisp button down shirts and chinos are your thing, then simple silhouettes in neutral colors must be the reigning shade in your closet. It doesn’t matter if it’s brunching with your girls or going around town to do errands, you will never be caught dead wearing bold colors or outrageous cuts of clothing. The Gazons in navy blue would complement your simple yet chic go to pieces any day while still incorporating a subtle shade of color.

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