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My Life In Loafers

The new "it" shoe isn't a sexy heel. Here's why we heart that.
My Life In Loafers The new "it" shoe isn't a sexy heel. Here's why we heart that.

It was 11:40-something when I realized I had to be somewhere on a Thursday morning. Hastily I saved the word document on my desktop, excused myself from my officemates, and rushed towards the elevator. One of our EAs was out using the car which left me with the option of cabbing to the fashion show I was about to miss. Realizing there was no way I was going to make it on time, I found myself riding the LRT to Magallaes Station in my itty-bitty skirt and cut-out loafers.


Loafers gain momentum on the runway with labels like Bottega Veneta, Prada, and Giorgio Armani favoring them over towering heels.

You see, I pretty much live in my loafers. While others swear by sneakers or ballet flats, loafers have been my go-to footwear since high school. In fact, in trying to max out its cost per wear, I only retire a pair when it starts talking (you know, when the sole comes off and it looks like it has a mouth.)

The obsession started the summer before sophomore year when my mother bought me a pair of Tod’s to wear to school. I was a picky kid. I hated those chunky heeled leather shoes that everyone else wore. I wanted something light and a little bit more casual. I figured; why not own a pair that I could actually wear with my normal clothes? By the end of the school year the shoes were fighting for their last breath and so I tossed them out and asked for another pair.

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"It" girl meets the "It" shoe: Olivia Palermo on the cover of Elle Australia wearing a pair of Gucci loafers.

Don’t get me wrong, I love 5-inch steppers as the next girl does. But if I were given the option between strappy Jimmy Choo stilettos and crocodile horsebit Gucci loafers, I’d choose the latter. (Actually, can I just have both?) Why? Because with shoes like those that you can wear on both casual and dressed up days, the chances of you slipping into one of them are higher as compared to killer heels that are only reserved for days when your vanity knows no pain. And Yeezus knows you don’t stash painkillers in your purse to withstand that.


At the end of the end of the day, it’s really just about getting your money’s worth. And with that, ‘till death do me and my loafers part.

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