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My Best Friend's Wedding

Look your best as a bridesmaid!
My Best Friend's Wedding Look your best as a bridesmaid!

“You kinda look like a shiny mermaid,” Kevin tells Jane in the movie 27 Dresses as she was fitting one of the bridesmaid dresses that filled a whole closet. In as much as we don't want to steal the spotlight from the bride, we also don't want to be sorry looking in a costume-y dress and the like.

As a bridesmaid, you're almost as visible as the bride as you will have to be there to assist her all throughout the ceremony and the after-party. And that means one important thing—looking your best!

And because these times call for practicality, we put our two cents in that it's best to get a dress that has all the class and glamour of a bridesmaid but is most def worth another occasion or a night out on town.

Promising designers share some pieces from their recent Philippine Fashion Week 2009 collection that you can use as peg for your bridesmaid dress. And the best thing about these pieces is that they're versatile enough to use on other events after the wedding.

Check out your options after the click.

-Nikki Santiago, Fashion Assistant