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A Moving OOTD Is the New Way to Flaunt Your Look on Instagram

Here are some pegs to cop.
A Moving OOTD Is the New Way to Flaunt Your Look on Instagram
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/blackstone705
Here are some pegs to cop.

It's time to level up. Your Instagram OOTDs are, naturally, a showcase of your own personal taste, but why not take the next step and render them in action? Like, literally?

We saw it coming! Moving outfit snaps, whether in video clip or GIF form, are the rising medium by which IG's best dressed are flaunting their looks. There are a ton of pluses here: First of all, movement allows your followers to see the little details an ordinary photo might miss. If you've got some statement fringe or came swathed in gossamer silk, you're free to let 'em fly!

Also, you score instant points for getting real. We love a good ensemble on a girl who's genuinely out and about, working hard to deliver while staying chic. Think of it as a BTS bit from your busy day, a sneak peek at a few seconds in your life.

That, and there's no discounting the element of fun a Boomerang is capable of bringing! Twirl, girl. A tip: identify the most statement-making part of your outfit and focus on that. Try a strutting clip if you love your brand-new stilettos. Crazy over the shape of those trousers? A spread-eagle sitting option might work to your advantage.

Of course, we'll always encourage going the #extra mile. You don't have to settle for a looppost a 30-second long vid of you simply walking and let your fit do the talking. Remember, though, that you'll have to put in the manual work to make that OOTD worth the watch! After all, what looks great in JPEG form may not register as strikingly on MP4, so exercise your styling prowess and take on the challenge. We meant it when we said this is a whole level up.


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