What Kind of Mom Will You Be in the Future? StyleBible Preview

What Kind of Mom Will You Be in the Future?

Pick one fashion outfit and find out!
What Kind of Mom Will You Be in the Future?

If you're in your mid-twenties and have no plans of starting a family in the near future yet, you're probably already beginning to get overwhelmed with all the weddings you suddenly need to attend. And with your peers one by one announcing that there's a bun in the oven (#babyboom!), it's hard not to think: what kind of mom will I be when the time comes?

We couldn't help but wonder, if your clothes say so much about you, maybe in some ways it can also reflect how you will be when your maternal instincts begin to settle in. Well, that we'll never know until we get there, but for now, let's have some fun and see the possibilities, shall we?

The Career Woman

 SM Woman Black top P599.75, SM Woman White Pants P999.75 

If you’re a career woman, then you’ll probably barely have time to shop in between juggling time for the kids, your work, and date nights with hubby. Chic basics will be your go-to attire as they’re easy transition from work to play.

The Cost Efficient Mom

SM Woman Maternal Blue Drawstring Dress, P799.75

If you're a forward-thinker who is naturally drawn to maternity pieces youcan still use even after labor, then that’s already telling of what kind of mom you will be. You don’t just go on hoarding everything you see and you think hard before making purchases, especially when it comes to quality which is of utmost importance where your family is involved.

The Cool Mom

SM Woman Casuals White T-Shirt, P599.75, SM Woman Denim Jumper, P899.75 

If you can rock a denim dungaree probably even better than your niece in high school can, then you’re no regular mom, you’re a cool mom! You’ll probably be that mom everyone in school will think is the older sister of the kid who is actually your child.

Country Clubbin’ Mom

SM Woman Prima Floral Sleeveless Top, P999.75, SM Woman Prima White Whote Culottes, P999.75

Do you always gravitate towards flats and comfy but stylish culottes? Then you’re well on your way to becoming a Tita of Manila whose favorite pastime is drinking tea and having scones with your friends at the country club.

The Laid-Back Momma

SM Woman Plus Brown Cardigan, P799.75, SM Woman Plus Sky Blue Sleeveless Top, P499.75, SM Woman Plus White Pants, P749.75

If you can already envision yourself hoarding cardigans and anything that screams comfy, you’ll most likely end up to be a home maker who dedicates her time to cook, bake, and gardening from morning till noon. You rarely leave the house unless it’s to go to the grocery or when you travel because the house you turned into your home has become your happy place.

The Soccer Mom

SM Woman Plus Top, P499.75, SM Woman Plus Navy Blue Pants, P749.75

If you don’t see yourself giving up your jerseys and sneakers even after you give birth, you’ll probably end up being a soccer mom. Your daily grind consists of running errands and watching the boys’ basketball, football, and baseball games.

The Carefree Mom

SM Woman Maternal Printed Dress, P799.75

Your attraction to anything and everything as colorful as your rainbow bright personality will most likely turn you into a fun-loving, anything goes kind of mom. You leave all the planning and the bad cop job to your husband because you make it your mission to always have a good time with the kiddos.

The Summer Loving Mom

 SM Woman Prima Black Floral Dress, P1099.75

The intense heat in Manila has got you hoarding picks that make you look like you’re enjoying summer all year long. This is because your floral and nautical pieces are easy to transition from the city to your beach house where you and your family like to enjoy the weekends.

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