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Modern Mythologies

Three accessory designers present their Darna, Galema, and Dyesebel-inspired creations.
Modern Mythologies Three accessory designers present their Darna, Galema, and Dyesebel-inspired creations.

The almost invulnerable Darna, the willful and serpentine Galema, and the beautiful and resilient Dyesebel—these three heroines of Filipino komiks and folklore were the latest muses of three of Manila's most talented accessory designers, Michelline Syjuco, Joyce Makitalo, and Nicole Whisenhunt.

The threefold collaboration called Modern Mythologies was the idea of Preview emerging designer Michelline Syjuco, whose abiding regard for women's strength and independence unsurprisingly led her to be influenced by these mythical incarnations of female uniqueness and might.

"[It] was something I had been conceptualizing for some time," she told us. "I've always been fascinated by our own local take on superheroines, and I thought that a collection based on this theme would be really mind-blowing." She then approached her friends and fellow accessory designers Joyce and Nicole to join her in the project so that they could all showcase their individual interpretations of the theme.

Naturally, the resulting statement pieces convey the qualities of the inspirational superheroines: strikingly atypical and formidable yet undeniably feminine. Michelline's raw crystal-adorned, gold-dipped brass and silver necklaces, cuffs, earrings and rings areas alwaystough, off-kilter, and visually arresting. Meanwhile, Joyce's selection of neckpieces are imbued with her characteristic flair for fantasy and whimsy. Her pieces are dream-like confections of bright precious stones hung or strung three-assortment-fold from richly colored neck "scarves" that soften the otherwise geometric mosaic of her gems. Lastly, Nicole's expansive trove of neckpieces, earrings, headpieces, cuffs and waist belts feature pearls (both perfectly round and baroque), rhinestones, crystals, and seed and bugle beads woven in her intricate embroidery work with a dash of bead draping charmingly thrown in.

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Click on the designers' respective Designer Portfolios below to see and find out more about their collections for Modern Mythologies:

Michelline Syjuco

Joyce Makitalo

Nicole Whisenhunt

Modern Mythologies is currently on sale at Firma, G/F Greenbelt 3.

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