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These Essential Tips Will Help You Start a Modeling Career

Survive in this tough industry like a pro.
These Essential Tips Will Help You Start a Modeling Career
IMAGE Dookie Ducay
Survive in this tough industry like a pro.

Anyone can become a model. If you have the dedication it requires, the job title is yours to take. That said, know that it takes some tough legwork to keep booking jobs and stay relevant in the industry. So if you're eyeing modeling as a career, treat it as an art form and learn as you go!

To help you out, we asked for tips from those who know it best. Below's an industry survival guide from five of PMAP's most in-demand models!


Having good genes isn't enough. Below, PMAP's Jach Manere gives her tips on how to rock being a print/editorial model.

1. "Always be confident with whatever you're wearing, be it for a shoot or a show. Flaunt them like they're yours, like no one's watching. Own it."

2. "Study what you can do with what you're wearing; be playful with it."

3. "Give a variety of poses. You have to give more than what you're prepared for."


4. "Always talk or discuss with the photographer. They have the most control over the shoot so always listen. Give suggestions if you have some in mind."

5. "Pose, but with emotions. You must feel it in order for it to come out naturally."


Walking down the runway is worlds apart from your typical street strut. Lou Yanong and Shermaine De Ramos share their tricks to mastering their catwalk:

1. "Don't think too much about your walk. It shows on your face when you do."

2. "Walk gracefully. No sudden movements."

3. "Practice, practice, practice."

4. "Don't walk too fast. Instead, walk slowly so you don’t look awkward. This way, you won't trip!"

5. "When walking, put your heel down first followed by the toe, not the other way around."


VTRs and auditions are part of a commercial model's daily life, and here, Maan Marquez reveals how she breezes through each and every one of them:


1. "Don't be shy. You'll have to do auditions in front of other talents sometimes and it can be intimidating or embarrassing, but just remember that you're all going to do the same thing."

2. "Do your best even when you feel silly doing it. If they laugh at you, it won't matter at the end of the day when you get the job. I think that's what makes a good commercial model, too. You shouldn't be afraid to let loose, be silly, and emote in order to give the director what she/he wants."

3. "Adjust your outfit depending on the character you're auditioning for. If they want sexy, corporate, casual, or other character' looks, dress accordingly."

4. "With commercial modeling, it's easier to show your personality compared to print or ramp. Show your best smile!"


Makeup artists may always be there to save the day, but not on go-sees. Check out Lou Muñoz's tips for the model no-makeup look:


1. "When doing makeup for go-sees, you'll want to look like you're not wearing makeup at all. Focus on your skin, eyebrows, and lashes. Start with cleansing, toning, and moisturizing your skin. Then, apply sunscreen."

2. "If you don't have anything to conceal, don't apply foundation or concealer. In my case, I usually just conceal my dark circles and apply a very light dusting of hypoallergenic powder. I also add a little bit of lip and cheek mousse on the apples of my cheeks for some color. And for that healthy glow, I apply highlighter or clear lipgloss on my cheekbones, the top of my lips, the inner corner of my eyes, and the bridge of my nose."

3. "If you have full brows, leave them be or define them with clear brow gel. In my case, I like filling in the gaps with a taupe brow pencil and blending it with a brow brush to make it look natural."


4. "Curl your lashes. It'll make your eyes look lively and awake. You can also opt to apply mascara if your lashes are sparse."


Every model has their own personal branding, and it can take time for you to find yours. How you interact with people in the industry matters, too. Here's how Jullian Culas found his niche and learned to work it:

1. "I think the most important thing for any model to have is self-knowledge. It all starts there. How will you be able to bring out the best in you if you don’t even know who you are or what you have? Know yourself fully—your strengths and weaknesses both physical and metaphysical, and make sure to be able to work around them."

2. "Now that you know yourself already, embrace it. Self-acceptance is key! It’s only when you’ve fully embraced yourself that you discover your personality and unlock your character."


3. "I believe that one of the most important factors that will make you last in this tough industry is your Character. People will remember you by it and clients will book you for it."

Need more tips? The Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP), has you covered. For its 30th anniversary, the association is hosting its first modeling workshop open to the public. Learn how to walk and strike a pose, or even get scouted! Check out more of the workshop's details below:




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