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Mike Concepcion Walks Us Through The New Ronnie & Joe Store

The eyewear salon has found its second home in Power Plant Mall.
Mike Concepcion Walks Us Through The New Ronnie & Joe Store The eyewear salon has found its second home in Power Plant Mall.

Ronnie & Joe, the eyewear boutique filled with hard-to-find labels that we had long hoped to find in our tropical shores just opened its second branch at the ground floor of Power Plant Mall—and we got first dibs on the deets!

The man behind the brand, Mike Concepcion, personally walked us through the clean and unpretentious  look of their new home that would certainly make his grandfather, Joe, and his twin brother, Ronnie, proud. Scroll down to see how we’ve come to realize that more than being a hip eyewear store carrying a well-curated, not to mention exclusive, lineup of brands, Ronnie & Joe is a haven for luxury eyewear defined by a marriage of a discerning taste and love for expert craftsmanship. 


"The store's signature black marble floor, white ceiling, brass finishes are the highlights of the store."

Tell us about your Power Plant store. 

"This is the second store and we made it slightly more classic than the one in Aura. The difference is the shelves, they (Aura) used matte black and we used white. What we wanted to do for Rockwell is really just to provide a more classic space considering uniqueness of the shape and place we just wanted it to be."

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There's nothing shady about this gorgeous troop. 

How many brands are you currently housing?

"We have about 30 brands that are exclusive to us, but between the stores, it will really be rotational. There will always be something new, it will always be exciting. Some of them are Cutler & Gross, MOSCOT, Native Sons, Max Pittion, O.A.M.C. Eyewear, Thom Browne, DITA, Effector, Karen Walker, Barton Perreira, GLCO, Sun Buddies, Matsuda, Ksubi, Saint Rita Parlor, Shwood, Mykita. LGR, Activist, Mykita, Margiela, Mark Mcnairy and several more. Our shop is predominantly skewed towards eyewear; though we’ve put together a nice selection of lifestyle items to complete the Ronnie & Joe experience. Currently, we work with KUUMBA, Baxter of California, Retaw and Miansai. "


"We launched this lifestyle wall with goods that complement the environment, to complete the Ronnie & Joe experience. We brought in these two brands, retaW and Baxter of California. We have candles, room sprays, and more. Baxter is a grooming brand from L.A. dedicated to men. Our line up consists of hair products, hair masks, moisturizers, and face wash. It's a brand that really understands what men need."


We can't help but want those handy sprays for ourselves!

"The other brand is called retaW, it’s a fragrance and scent label by Hiroshi Fujiwara (the Godfather of Japanese cool in our books). They do everything from dog sprays, to fabric sprays, to sneaker sprays. We brought them in to elevate what scents mean."


When choosing brands to bring in, what are the factors you consider? And how did you come up with your current line up?

"Our shop’s core is what we like to call 'The Eyewear Standard,' our guiding principle and philosophy in selecting the brands we decide to partner with. We believe that luxury eyewear is not bound by designer logos and seasonal trends but reflected by heritage, tradition and expert craftsmanship. The brands we choose to work with are specialists in their field and their standards are the cornerstone of their business.  This is the common theme you will see from our brands across the board."

Ronnie & Joe 2.0


How would you describe the Ronnie & Joe market?

“I think it is understood that we offer our products to a more discerning and niche type of consumer who values quality eyewear and craftsmanship; though I think we’ve done a good job in curating our line up to provide a little something for everyone. We’ve seen interest come from all types of people these past few months. It's truly humbling to see how receptive the market has been to our concept so far.”

What do you think sets Ronnie & Joe apart from other stores selling sunnies?

"I can’t speak for other shops but I think for us specifically, it comes down to our motivation to redefine what service and retail truly mean to us, whether that is seen through the select brand partnerships we form, the design and overall experience of our stores or simply our constant obsession with customer service. We approach everything we do very carefully and hope to provide our customers with a very personal and special experience."


Take your pick from their specs and sunnies. 

Are you planning to open more stores in the near future?

We are, we are. It’s definitely in the pipeline. But for now we’re just happy we were able to open before Christmas. 

What can Ronnie & Joe promise its customers?


 Quality, Great Service and Value. 


Ronnie & Joe is now open at the ground floor of Power Plant Mall, and the newly renovated SM Aura branch reopens its doors to the public today. 

Photos by: Yayay de Castro

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