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Mich Dulce is Making it Big in London

Mich Dulce is Making it Big in London Another milestone for this Pinay designer!

You know who the Filipina designer, Mich Dulce, reminds us of? Coco Chanel. From starting off with having a natural knack for designing hats to eventually launching her own line based on her bold aesthetic, Mich can very well follow the same path that the world renown French fashion designer took.

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At this rate, we're not doubting her one bit. In fact, just a couple of hours ago, Mich announced via her social media accounts that she is part of the iconic UK department store Selfridges’ annual Bright New Things (formerly known as Bright Young Things) 2016 roster.  

“Today is the day that I am finally able to happily announce that I am part of @theofficialselfridges's 2016 Bright New Things! Yay!! I am so thrilled to be part of this amazing initiative with all these other amazing sustainable designers. 😍  Beginning today, you can come see my hats in the window of one of the most amazing stores in the world on the busiest street in London (as well as buy them inside!). 👒💕👒💕 👒💕👒💕#BrightNewThings #MichDulce#millinery "

Another milestone reached, indeed. From having a stint with a renowned Parisian fashion house doing what she loves best, to re-launching her own line just a few days ago in New York, Mich is now one of the 16 young talents who were chosen to showcase their products at the store! 

“If someone had told the fresh out of third world me whilst I was studying fashion that I would have a window in one of the most iconic stores in the world dedicated solely to me, I would have just laughed as it really is too big of a dream to even think of. This morning I found myself up and early on Oxford Street staring at my window tearing up thinking how crazy it was that a little nobody from the Philippines like me managed to get this far just with lots of hard work and never giving up. People always ask me about what I think is my career highlight and I never have one that I'm super proud to mention. Well, now I do. Thanks to everyone at @theofficialselfridges and to@ashjsmithuk and @elladrorpr for this opportunity I'll never forget.”


For the fifth year now, Selfridges has been putting the spotlight on noteworthy young talents who represent the future of fashion. This 2016, the world-famous department store partnered with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion to focus on promoting innovative fashion made with environmentaly friendly materials. Mich, who uses proudly Pinoy materials sourced from tribes to create her show-stopping pieces, was a shoo-in for the showcase. 

With innovative designs that are chic, hip, sustainable, and definitely world-class, she's definitely owning the Filipino millinery scene. 

 You never fail to make us proud, Mich! 

Image from @michdulce and @theofficialselfrdiges on Instagram


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