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Nova Stevens' Publicist Claims He Has "Never Said Anything That Is Not True" About Michael Cinco Issue

"It's my experience, it's my story, and I have the receipts of every single thing I say," he said in an interview.
Nova Stevens' Publicist Claims He Has "Never Said Anything That Is Not True" About Michael Cinco Issue
IMAGE Youtube/MJ Felipe, Instagram/thenovastevens
"It's my experience, it's my story, and I have the receipts of every single thing I say," he said in an interview.

Miguel Martinez of MGmode Communications has now responded to Michael Cinco's statement about what happened between him and the team of Miss Universe Canada 2020 Nova Stevens. The publicist aired his side of the story in an interview for ABS-CBN News' MJ Felipe, where he disputed the Filipino designer's claims about Nova's gowns for the pageant and more.

In the now-viral Facebook post, Michael called out Miguel's comment about the designer's gowns arriving late for the pageant and not fitting the beauty queen. He rebutted these statements, including insinuations that he did these to "sabotage" Nova's win. Michael then went on to call Nova's team "ungrateful," claiming that neither the team nor Nova herself thanked him for his services.

michael cinco miss universe canada gown

In response, Miguel Martinez expressed regret over posting his comment, but stands by the truth in them. He told the local news outlet, "Things may have been said but shouldn't have been said. And having said that, I've never said anything that is not true."

"The gowns arrived late, and I did say that they didn't fit properly because they didn't," Miguel said. "And I did say that somehow they did find time to make gowns for other candidates."

He also refuted that he ever called the garments ill-fitting, which was mentioned in Michael Cinco's post. "I didn't say ill-fitting. If you notice that, that's a word that has been taken out of Michael's statement. I never said 'ill-fitting'. I would never say that. Even if it was true, I would never say that," he notes.

"It's my experience, it's my story, and I have the receipts of every single thing I say I have nothing to hide. I've always been honest, maybe too honest."

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mgmode's comment about michael cinco's miss universe canada gowns
PHOTO BY Facebook/michael5inco

Miguel confirmed in the interview that Michael being able to make gowns for other candidates "confused" him because he already committed to creating Nova's gown. However, the designer has stated in his original post that the gowns he lended to the likes of Miss Mexico and Miss Romania were from his latest collection.


Speaking about the "sabotage" claims, the publicist stresses that he doesn't blame Michael for Nova Stevens not bagging the Miss Universe title. "I have never said, never said that it was Michael Cinco's fault. I would never say that. I'm a professional, I know what I'm doing. And I know that it's not anybody's fault," he clarified. "That's clearly the organisation who did not want her for the job...because if they would have think that they wanted her, she would have at least reached the Top 21."

The publicist also revealed that since the issue began, he and his team have received hundreds of death threats on social media and people calling them "scammers". Miguel refuted these as well, saying, "My career in 20 years is down the toilet... The real people that know us, they know that this is not true. They know that we are not scammers as he said."


To add to his point, Miguel delved into Michael saying that he was not paid for the job. "In the industry, it's a privilege for any designer to throw any gown to any contestant from any country. And not just Filipinos. Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Asia, anywhere," the publicist explains.

miguel martinez mgmode michael cinco feud
MGmode's Miguel Martinez at his interview with MJ Felipe
PHOTO BY Youtube/MJ Felipe

"The only place that don't lend you gowns is the US, Canada, and Europe. Everywhere else, they lend you gowns. It's publicity in exchange." This is why, Miguel adds, he "found it hurtful" that designer mentioned this in the post. He added, "People in their industry...they know that you don’t necessarily pay (for gowns) when you are an international titleholder."

Despite the public feud, Miguel and his team still hopes to make peace with the Filipino designer, and that he'd be willing to work together again if the latter would be open to it. "I know that he must be really upset. We're all upset. I still love him. I know he's doing that because of his respect for his team," says the publicist.

He also states that he's been attempting to contact Michael, but has yet to be granted a response. "I love you. Sorry if I hurt you. And those were some mean words, like really mean. Hopefully we can mend this."


Watch Miguel Martinez's interview in full below:

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