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Melai Cantiveros May Just Be Today's Most Stylish Local Comedienne

When it comes to style, she has no time for jokes.
Melai Cantiveros May Just Be Today's Most Stylish Local Comedienne When it comes to style, she has no time for jokes.

Just because you make a living out of making people laugh doesn’t mean you also need to create a laughing stock out of yourself. Case in point: Melai Cantiveros, a 28-year-old local comedienne who knows that unleashing her funny bone doesn’t require her to dress like a clown. Pinoy Big Brother’s fifth big winner has definitely stepped up her style game, and you know we simply don’t joke about these matters. 

Style Bible catches up with her stylist Ica Villanueva, and below, she tells us about Melai’s naturally funny personality and refreshing shift in style direction.


How long have you been styling Melai? Tell us what she's like as a client.

"About more than a year now. I’ve been styling her since Your Face Sounds Familiar season one. I love her as a client because she just trusts me as her stylist that I’ll do what I’m supposed to."

Comediennes normally channel their humor into their sense of style, but Melai seems to have a different take on it. Please share with us, why that style direction?

"Melai is effortlessly funny with a none offensive and slapstick type of humor, and that’s the very reason why I wanted to level up her image and style. She’s already naturally funny and the people can see that whether she’s stylishly dressed or wrapped in a ridiculous costume, so we’d rather go for the former. Her humor can speak for itself."

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Is this something she personally requested? When you landed her as a client, what looks did she say she wanted to go for?

"Actually, she didn’t! (Laughs) This is why I enjoy dressing her up—she just goes for whatever her stylist thinks is best for her. You can really feel her trust and respect right there, and that’s something I appreciate very much." 

What's her overall participation in the styling process? Is she the type to put together some of the looks herself or does she simply wear whatever you give to her?

"She’d normally just wear whatever I hand to her. I always bring her options and make her choose, but she’s very open to opinions and she listens every time. She’d tell me to give her what I think is best and that’s what I do."


What would you say is her signature style?

"All white, definitely! Classic and minimalist."

Any celebrity pegs?

"Honestly, none. We’re just going for clean, fresh, and timeless."

What's her most favorite OOTD so far and why?

"Her all-white OOTDs, perhaps? Those are the very outfits that even the upper management noticed, and it felt amazing because it was Ma’am Charo Santos-Concio herself who complimented her looks."


Since we’re talking about one of today’s most sought-after comediennes, share with us something funny! Tell us the funniest fashion-related joke or comment she's ever told you.

"I don’t know. Off the top of my head? There was this one time I made her wear a white tailored blazer with white pants, and she looked really sleek. We were teasing her, 'Wow, Georgina Wilson.' But then she said, 'Georgina Pareño!' And she said this on TV! (Laughs)"

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