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Meet The Next Gen's Stylesetters

These stars may still be little but that doesn't mean they shine any less.
Meet The Next Gen's Stylesetters These stars may still be little but that doesn't mean they shine any less.

Mark our words, ladies. These little girls are bound to be your next celebrity trendsetters. We’ve already called your attention before when these cute kids started taking over Instagram with their own official hashtags to boot, but now we’re taking it to the next level as we turn the spotlight to the real cherry on top─ their #OOTDs.

As young as these girls are, we can already learn a thing or two from them, style-wise at least. So this time around, we're borrowing some outfit ideas from these adorable little ones. Now, don’t be shy, scroll down and say hello to your future style pegs.



Andi Eigenman’s beautiful Ellie never fails to deliver double-tap worthy #OOTDs. In fact, this little girl even knows how to pose and smize for the camera. We won’t be surprised if see her up on the billboards anytime soon, because for one, this particular #OOTD proves that she can rock one of our all-time favorite closet staples which is the white buttondown.


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Kathryn Bernardo’s niece Lhexine is oozing with cuteness and we just can’t help but swoon over her social media presence. With a 42-thousand Instagram followers of her own, it’s obvious that this sweetheart has what it takes to become a teen queen someday, too. And as for you ladies, here’s a colorful and vibrant look inspired by this cutie.



The youngest girl of #TeamKramer, Doug and Cheska Kramer’s Scarlett, really looks like a doll at first glance. But we’re not only impressed by her dazzling beauty because this little fashionista’s style deserves the full attention, too. Here, check out how you can sport a double denim ensemble as inspired by her stylish #OOTD.

Photos from @chekakramer @bernardokath @andieigengirl on Instagram

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