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Meet The Illustrator Behind Preview's Sticker Book

Meet The Illustrator Behind Preview's Sticker Book Yes, we have one!

If you haven't gotten yourself a copy of our #PreviewSeptIssue yet, then you are seriously missing out. More than the fact that it's 200+ pages thick, has a double-sided poster of our cover girl Kathryn Bernardo, and is packed with fashion editorials, it also has a built-in sticker book inside—yes, with actual stickers!

Decorate your phone or your notebook with either Katy Perry in Gucci or Imelda Marcos in Balenciaga.

The daunting task of illustrating our favorite fashion people interacting in the party of our dreams (including Princess Diana and Marie Antoinnette enjoying a cup of tea inside winter wonderland) was not easy. But for Denver Balbaboco, the young illustrator who took on Preview's challenge, it was less of a chore and more of an enjoyable exercise.

This Information Technology student, who started out with the glossy sketching the editors as part of our Picks section for a few months, was self-taught and without a doubt talented. Below, the little chat we shared with him about what went down while he drew, drew, and drew until the project was done and ready to print.


We know we gave you a limited period of time to complete the project. How long did it take you to finish it?

It took me two weeks.

Did we stress you out? (Even a little?)

To be honest, I wasn't stressed out because I sincerely enjoy what I do. (Laughs) It never came to mind that the deadlines and revisions hindered my creative process.

Who was the easiest person to draw from the sticker book?

Princess Leia from Star Wars. 

The hardest? 


Your favorite?

watch now

Bj Pascual.

Can you show us your creative process?

Denvers sketches of Emma Watson as Belle in Beauty And The Beast.

What was the best part of doing the Preview sticker book? 

The best part was working with Ms. Jacqui Salonga and Mr. Vince Uy

What do you do to stay constantly inspired? 

I listen to classical music while studying my favorite artists' styles to gather more ideas.

Can you show us a quick sketch of yourself?


Get a copy of the Preview sticker book as part of our September issue.

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