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Masters Of Savoir-faire

View Louis Vuitton's custom-made creations.
Masters Of Savoir-faire View Louis Vuitton's custom-made creations.

Who doesn't dream of having something custom-made by one of the world's top luxury brands? The feeling would've been unquestionably glorious, especially when it's got Louis Vuitton's seal of quality. (Ed's note: Special would seem to be an understatement.)

For over a hundred and fifty years, the legendary brand has remained the most coveted, and has kept its standard of excellence—both in quality and style—so much so that owning a purse has somehow become a status symbol in society. More so, a special order would undeniably relate one to the elite and exclusive.

Special orders at Louis Vuitton have been a legacy of distinction for many years. This exclusive service is distinguished into two types—made-to-order and custom-made. Made-to-order allows for selected items from the permanent collections to be interpreted in other materials. Custom-made pieces, on the other hand, are one-off creations that fulfill a customer's specific needs.

As Georges Vuitton, one of Louis Vuitton's pioneers, would say, “The main thing is to allow your personal effects to travel in the greatest possible comfort.”

To mark such grand tradition and innovation, Louis Vuitton celebrates “l'Excellence du Savoir-Faire” through its heritage of special orders by partnering with some of today's iconic figures who are, themselves, experts in their own fields. (And we mean, rare expertise, to say the least.)

The brand created unique, special orders for the six personalities, responding to the needs of their respective professions—an opportunity for the Vuitton craftsmen to showcase their true skill.

Included in the roster were chef Ferran Adrià, artist Damien Hirst, photographer Annie Leibovitz, musician and composer Gustavo Santaolalla, designer Marc Jacobs, and Patrick-Louis Vuitton; all internationally-acclaimed figures who exemplify excellence in their fields. Each special order was carefully designed by Louis Vuitton's Special Orders head, Patrick-Louis Vuitton in collaboration with the six masters.

Apart from these six special orders, Louis Vuitton also crafted a limited-edition Red Cross medical trunk to commemorate the latter's 150 years of expertise in humanitarian aid. All seven pieces were auctioned off late last year at Sotheby's, from which all proceeds were donated to the Red Cross.

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-Nikki Santiago, Fashion Assistant

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