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All the Instagram-Worthy Poses You Should Learn from Martine Cajucom

Up your Instagram game.
All the Instagram-Worthy Poses You Should Learn from Martine Cajucom
Up your Instagram game.

Martine Cajucom is one of the brains behind Sunnies brands' aesthetically pleasing look—she's got a great eye, that's for sure! So, it's no surprise that her Instagram feed reflects this as well. But what makes her a good candidate to Insta-stalk is the way she has mastered working in front of the camera's lens. You can find lots of posing pegs from her IG account if you're running low on ideas. Take a look at all our faves below!

The beauty shots and selfies

Looking over your shoulder is a flattering angle!

This one is perf for when you're just too shy.

Tilt your head and position your hand at the bottom of your chin.

Take advantage of great, natural lighting.

Always tilt your head when taking a selfie!

The outfit shots

A fashion girl never runs out of ways to flaunt her Insta-worthy aesthetic.

That said, always find a nice wall—it's a surefire trick to score IG hearts!


We swear. Martine wins at contorting her body.

Make your gams the focal point of the shot.

Squat or sit to emphasize the poufiness of your frothy dress.

Don't know where to place your hands? Put them inside the pockets of your bottoms or on your waist!

Try the "walking away" pose.

Lift one foot just to change things up.

Always make sure one leg is in front of the other to look taller.

Martine proved that outfit shots need not always be taken while standing up.

The mirror OOTD selfies

It's a bit awkward sometimes to ask someone to take your OOTD shot. Take your cue from how Martine makes mirror selfies look worthy for the 'gram.

Wear a bright pout and make sure your outfit's color contrasts with your accessories.

Now master how to pout a la Martine.

If your outfit has an interesting back detail, show it off!


TBH, the fitting room is the best spot to take mirror OOTDs.

OOTD ideas for the shy girl

Save yourself from the stress of making the most photogenic smile by taking your face out of the shot. This way, the picture will just focus on your outfit's best details!

Take one that fits exactly in the square.

We love how Martine included her signature lush pout.

The fun shots

Martine is into playful yet classic poses, too, like flashing a peace sign!

In case you haven't noticed, she's a fan of jump shots.


Look for a surface with cool patterns and relax your feet as you take the shot.

Take note that there are times when you've got to contort your body to capture the best angle.

Bonus points if your footwear is #extra!

An alternative would be to show your gams while resting on a pretty couch. This way, you get to capture the details of your living room.


Or you can just raise your legs!

Double the impact by positioning yourself in front of a mirror to capture your shoefie's reflection.

So, are you ready to step up your Instagram game?

*This story originally appeared on Cosmo.phMinor edits have been made by the editors.