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Marie Lozano and Nicole Andersson Honored at the Swarovski Gala

They’re among eight brilliant women from around the region.
Marie Lozano and Nicole Andersson Honored at the Swarovski Gala
IMAGE Isha Valles
They’re among eight brilliant women from around the region.

Last Friday, jewelry brand Swarovski celebrated Brilliance for All with a gala night at the St. Regis Hotel ballroom in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Fashion influencers, VIPs, and press from around the region were invited to view five of the dresses from the Fall/Winter 2018 Couture collection that were exhibited at Paris Fashion Week, along with the fantasy-themed Crystal Tales jewelry pieces and the exclusive Atelier Swarovski designer collaborations.

One of the highlights of the evening was when Creative Director Nathalie Colin called to stage the honorees of the Swarovski Brilliant 8: A Tribute to Women Who Sparkle. “Diamonds are for royalty. I want to create a diamond for every woman,” said Daniel Swarovski famously in 1895. His wish to help make every woman sparkle has come into the modern age where, beyond having adorned women with dazzling jewelry for over 120 years, the brand he founded has chosen to highlight multifaceted female talents who are brilliant in their own right. It was a proud moment to see journalist Marie Lozano and fashion content creator Nicole Andersson recognized together with six other women achievers from across Southeast Asia. 


Get to know each of them below and be inspired by their goals and passions:

IMAGE Courtesy of Nicole Andersson

Marie Lozano

Lifestyle Journalist, Philippines 

“As a lifestyle journalist, I want to showcase the best of the Philippines on both my social media and my award-winning lifestyle show, Cityscape. I am extremely passionate not only about showcasing the beauty of my country but also the beauty of its people.”

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Nicole Andersson

Fashion Influencer and Vlogger, Philippines 

"With every post, my aim is to encourage my friends and viewers to believe in themselves and to have the courage to reassess any self-imposed limitations.”


Elizabeth Rahajeng

E! News Asia Host, Indonesia 

“I would like to be recognized as someone who breaks standards. In 2015, I became the first Indonesian to become an E! News Asia host. I’m also currently writing my debut book that will help other young girls and boys find their voice and passion. This will be released in September 2018.”


Olivia Lazuardy

Fashion Influencer, Indonesia 

“I am a firm believer that passion, when combined with grit, is the key to success. My hope is for all the talented people to understand that in this world where people constantly doubt you, you can build your own door.”



Actress/Host/Entrepreneur, Malaysia 


“Being kind is underrated. Be kind. Because when you are, that’s when your soul sparkles and shines through.”


 Venice Min

Actress/Model/Race Car Driver, Malaysia

"I believe that having a bright and optimistic attitude can turn just about any negative situation into something positive. I am always challenging myself to do better so that I can always shine.”


Mew Nittha

Actress, Thailand

“My brilliant moment happened when I won Suphannahong Best Actress for ‘One Day’. It showed that my hard work and dedication truly paid off.”


Melissa Koh

Fashion Entrepreneur and Influencer, Singapore

“I strongly believe that every moment should be well-lived, celebrated and deeply appreciated and I hope to continue to inspire my fans through my social platform.”

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