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Makeup Artist Profile: Leo Posadas

Getting hitched? This celebrity makeup artist will get you all dolled up on your big day.
Makeup Artist Profile: Leo Posadas Getting hitched? This celebrity makeup artist will get you all dolled up on your big day.

With weddings and engagements happening left and right (oh, you know, just Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes getting engaged, followed by Chiz Escudero proposing to Heart Evangelista, and now Brangelina tying the knot), we thought it would be nice to hear from someone who’s got more experience in the field of “I dos”. So for this week’s makeup artist profile, we cozy up with bridal and celebrity makeup artist Leo Posadas. From his clean aesthetic to fully booked weekends, read about our little chat with one of the most trusted in both the wedding industry and showbiz.


Hi Leo! What have you been busy with lately?

Lately, I’ve been busy working on weddings. And also, I’ve been doing shoots for ads and TVCs of my clients.

Speaking of weddings, we notice that you do a lot of bridal makeup, one of which was Karylle’s. What’s your aesthetic when you’re working with brides? How do weddings influence or inspire your work?

Bridal makeup has been my expertise for so many years now. I like clean and natural-looking makeup, which probably made me one of the go-to makeup artists in the wedding industry. I consider this, too, as my bread and butter in the business. Doing weddings are more challenging since I’m usually working with real people who are not celebrities. They have different looks and I’m very careful to not overdo the makeup as I enhance their features. The bride should look flawless and glowing on her wedding day.

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Karylle's bridal makeup by Leo Posadas

How is it different working with brides as compared to regular clients? How do you usually prepare them for the big day?

Doing bridal makeup is really different. They are real people who trust me to make them beautiful on their special day, and sometimes I only get to meet them on their trial makeup or even on the day itself. I put in a lot of attention to their needs and I make an effort to know the look that they want. I call or text also a day before the wedding to remind them it’s important to get ample amount of beauty rest.


Aside from your bridal portfolio, you also work with celebs like Carla Abellana, Kyla, and Ruffa Gutierrez. How long have you been in the business before you landed your first celebrity client? Please share with us your story.

I’ve been in the industry for almost a decade now. I used to work in a salon owned by a very good friend of mine, Nelson Cruz. After he joined and won a prestigious hair competition here in Manila, I had the chance to meet Patrick Rosas and eventually joined his team. After four years of working with him, I joined Toni & Guy Salon’s creative team and had the opportunity to mentor aspiring makeup artists while freelancing for my personal clients. During that time, I was also signed as one of the head makeup artists for Bedhead Cosmetics line. This was five years before I decided to go my separate way and see what I can do on my own. My passion, dedication, and commitment to this industry paid off and my clientele grew, and I began working with celebrities like Carla Abellana, Karylle, Ruffa Guttierrez, etc. Now my works are being showcased on billboards, commercials, magazine covers, and fashion editorials, which led me to penetrate the wedding industry. The next thing I knew, my weekends are fully booked with different projects.


Iya Villania and Nikki Gil for Bioessence, makeup by Leo Posadas

What’s your most memorable work to date? What makes it special compared to the rest?

There’s a lot because everyday at work brings me great joy. It’s even more memorable to me when it’s important for my clients, like the weddings of my two celebrity friends Kyla and Karylle, for example. It’s special because I made them happy and beautiful on their big days, simple as that. Same goes for my bridal clients as well.

Any dream projects or clients?

I am longing to do makeup for the Queen of Pop, Madonna! (Laughs) 


Carla Abellana for Bench Skin Expert, makeup by Leo Posadas

We love hearing beauty secrets from makeup artists. Can you share with us one which you often give out to your celebrity clients?

There are a lot of techniques and tips women can follow, but always remember that less is more.  Simple is better, so learn not to overdo it.

We saw on your Instagram that you’re very much into fitness as well. Can you tell us more about it? What motivates you to work out in spite of your busy work load?

(Laughs) I’m actually a fitness freak. I go to the gym four times a week, at least an hour a day. I try to motivate myself because it helps me relax and de-stress. And of course, I like feeling good about myself, especially since we’re not getting any younger. (Laughs) My health is my wealth!


Allison Harvard for TechnoMarine, makeup by Leo Posadas

So aside from hitting the gym, what else do you do for fun when you you’re not working?

I love catching up with close friends. Sometimes, we travel, too. We share stories and inspiring thoughts and just have fun. Life is not just about work and money.


What’s next now for Leo Posadas?

I will still be the Leo Posadas that everyone knows, making new friends, and making people more beautiful.

For booking inquiries, e-mail or call or send SMS at 0918.935.4257

Photos from @leoposadas on Instagram

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