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Magic Primaries

Rajo Laurel gets colorfully candid.
Magic Primaries Rajo Laurel gets colorfully candid.

It's no wonder that people are naturally drawn to designer Rajo Laurel. Throngs flock to him not only because of his talent, but also because of his boyish charm and light as air persona. With his infectious energy, insatiable sense of wonder, and giddy demeanor (Need proof? Mosey on over to his blog. We're hooked), it seems like Rajo Laurel is just like a big kid trapped in a strapping young man's body.

With Magic Primaries, Rajo's latest collection for the House of Laurel, Rajo lets his inner kid out for a romp through reality and a little bit of child's play. “We wanted to tap into our inner child and look at things through a child's perspective. From the colors of the collection to the patterns that we used it was all very very primary but we tweaked it a bit and just played.” he confesses.

Rajo reveals that some credit for the idea goes out to a few real deal kiddos. “The concept really came about when I was playing with my nieces and nephew. When they would visit me I automatically would bring out my colored pencils and they would draw on my desk. I was really amused at how the colors and the shapes would turn out and from there I was inspired to use this sense of naiveté and use that spirit as the driving force behind the collection.”

Sneak a peek into this golden boy's colorful psyche. Click on for a rainbow of hues, clothes, baby photos and anecdotes, Rajo Laurel style, of course.

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-Renee Puno, Editorial Assistant

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