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Madonna's Thighs Through The Years

We'll show you something we've noticed from her music videos.
Madonna's Thighs Through The Years We'll show you something we've noticed from her music videos.

Singer, dancer, songwriter, actress, music icon, and trendsetter (whew!), Madonna, turns 56 today. Starting out as a backup singer and dancer for other established singers in the late '70s, Madonna worked her way up to become the fixture that she now is in the music industry. Today, she celebrates her birthday, and we couldn’t help but take a stroll down memory lane by watching her music videos. But as we were ogling her dancing skills and singing along to her songs, we noticed one thing. Scroll down to take a look:

Madonna showed off her dancing skills early on in one of her first music videos, Holiday, which was released in 1983. Although her gams were covered here, young Madonna clearly had a firm built.

In majority of her first few videos including favorites such as Like a Virgin (1984) and Crazy For You (1985), she was styled rather conservatively. That was until 1986...


In 1986, the video Open Your Heart was released and a more daring Madonna donning a pixie cut and the iconic bullet bra debuted. Check out her thighs, guys!

Year after year, Madonna released singles that people just couldn't stop singing to. She gained global recognition not only for her talent and performances, but also for her bold sartorial choices. By 1994, the official music video of Human Nature showed on the boob tube, including her rock hard abs, firm arms, and yes, thigh gap. 

After 11 years, Hung Up from the album Confessions On A Dance Floor music video premiered with Madonna in sexy pink leotard dancing her heart out as if she were still a teen. The song became her biggest worldwide hit surpassing The Beatles.

Again with those amazing thighs! 

That same year, she busted out her groove with none other than JT in 4 Minutes!

In 2008, Madonna continued to wow us with her dancing skills (and her toned built), this time around with Pharrell in Give It 2 Me

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Four years after, Madonna decides to show off some cheer dancing skills with M.I.A and Nicki Minaj.   

At 54 years old, Madonna released her single Girl Gone Wild. Dancing the way she did decades ago, this video proves that her talent doesn't get old! And we could say the same thing about her overexposed thighs. Thigh gap galore, thigh gap for sure! If there’s one thing all these videos show, it’s that her thighs (and well, arms and abs, too) seemingly haven't sagged over the years. What can we say; it’s as if the tanga was invented for her!

Madonna we want to be like you! Happy, happy birthday! Now where's the nearest dance studio at? Race you there!

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