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Maco Custodio: Dino, Spring/summer 2011

Welcome the new year in ferocious footwear.
Maco Custodio: Dino, Spring/summer 2011 Welcome the new year in ferocious footwear.

Shoe designer Maco Custodio and I became wistful in his studio as I interviewed him about his latest collection, called Dino.

We were reminiscing about The Land Before Time, that animated film about the adventures of Littlefoot, an orphaned dinosaur whose mother was killed by Sharptooth, a mean Tyrannosaurus Rex. We laughed as we remembered how we bawled as kiddies during that scene soundtracked by Diana Ross's "If We Hold On Together" as we sympathized with poor young Littlefoot and her orphan friends.

Fast forward to more than a decade later, Maco releases his Spring/Summer 2011 inspired by these prehistoric creatures. There's a shoe that has three outward-pointing horns that was no doubt influenced by the Triceratops (or by Cera, Littlefoot's stubborn friend). There's a "rhino" peep-toe with an oversized mudguard acting as the shoe's imposing nose. Another spunkier version has three inline heels with a horn detail on the back of the ankle.


Sappy childhood nostalgia aside, I marveled at the curious creations while Maco showed me the materials he had: leather in a gamut of colors and treatments, and different exotic skins—python, lizard, and even parrotfish (!). His shoes are made-to-order and therefore customizable, so the client has free reign over the choice of colors and materials for their unique pairs, allowing for a terribly exciting shoe shopping experience.

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I imagine how the tri-heeled version of the "rhino" shoes would look like in metallic gunmetal python and beige calfskin leather, and I think I would like to stomp in it. What do you think?

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