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Here Are 2019’s Lucky Colors, According to Your Chinese Zodiac Sign

Check out what to wear during the year of the Dazzling Earth Pig.
Here Are 2019’s Lucky Colors, According to Your Chinese Zodiac Sign
Check out what to wear during the year of the Dazzling Earth Pig.

Everyone wants to wear some bit of color in their outfit—whether it’s just a pop to give an element of fun to an ensemble or something to scream to one and all that you have arrived. But what if color could more than enhance your wardrobe? What if it could enhance your luck?

Princesse Lim Fernandez of the Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony in New World Hotel pointed out that lucky colors aren’t just for clothing, it’s for hair color, eye color, nail color—you name it. Luck can be enhanced simply to give us that extra boost on the days we need it. And on the days we don’t? Well, who doesn’t want some fairy dust sprinkled on as extra sparkle before we head on out of the door in our OOTD?

Don’t forget that when you’re using colors to enhance your luck try not to overpower yourself with only one color (Oh no, there goes our monochromatic looks!) For example, If you’re full of fire and metal elements, try to to add a touch of earth to temper things and harmonize the flow. If you’re dead set on a monochromatic fire and metal look, temper it with some lucky earth colors of the year in the form of jewelry or hair and all will be fine.


This is the year of the Dazzling Earth Pig, so show Mother what you’re made of and strut your stuff in earth tones, for those are the colors that will overpower all other colors. Lucky colors of the year are orange, coral, pink, salmon, yellow, beige, and brown; but according to Princesse, these colors only apply during days of celebration or when attending parties. For everyday wear, she advises that you wear your personal lucky colors, which are based your your birthday. Since your birthday sign does not change, your lucky colors do not differ from year to year, either. A mix of these hues plus a confident strut into the room, and you have the potential to be the luckiest girl in the world.

Pro Tip: If you want to truly personalize your colors, then you should also consider your sign during the day of your birth and your birth elements because they will affect these. There’s always two zodiac signs to consider should you want a more accurate reading: your year and day of birth because it shows a better balance of your personality and fortune. Don’t know your complete astrological chart? You can go on the Yin and Yang Shop of Harmony website and click on the Ba Zi calculator to find out.


Lucky Colors for the Year of the Earth Pig:

Orange, Coral, Pink, Samon, Yellow, Beige, Brown

Need a makeover? Well, now’s a good time to do a hair makeover. How about trying something fun and interesting and incorporating some of the Earth Pig’s lucky colors in your tresses? Ever wanted to try some cappuccino-hued balayage or some honey highlights? Those would definitely boost your luck and your look! Feeling more adventurous? A streak of orange or a shock of baby pink hair will definitely get heads (and prosperity) turning.


Colors: Green, Pink, Yellow  

These Cora and Bear sandals will want to make you mingle and mix your way through the year.

Prediction: A year of happiness and prosperity.


Colors: Blue, Pink

Kyle Cosmetics Roses are red glitter eyes will make you shimmer, glimmer and dazzle. How can anyone resist your good fortune?

Prediction: A time with good opportunities to make money.


Colors: Green, Gray

This Mariana necklace gives you a moody little something to keep you #blessed as you go through your day.


Prediction: You do what you please because you’re strong and independent but this year you learn how to play well with others


Colors: Indigo, Fuschia, Yellow

You don’t have to show it off, like this adorable Mansur Gavriel Fringe Bucket in Sun, whose bright yellow calfskin can’t help but give anyone a sunny disposition.

Prediction: It’s a good year to get cozy up to people and make new friends


Colors: Red, Gray

Give everyone the kiss off with these shoes from Daily Schedule. Just because you need to lay low doesn’t mean you needn’t look fabulous.

Prediction: It’s year of reconsiderations


Colors: Green, yellow

Some statement eyecolor from NARS like this gorgeous matcha green will banish any homesick blues away as you traipse around the globe.

Prediction: Travel, travel, travel. It keeps you from being in conflict with the Earth Pig



Colors: Burnt Sienna, Silver, White

You need something classic and edgy while you hustle this year, like these United Nude pumps. 

Prediction: Get busy and get making money. This is your year.


Colors: Grey, Blue

Punch things up and do something that just makes you feel pampered like a good manicure with a modern, edgy hue like Jin Soon’s Azurite which will even help turn your luck around.

Prediction: Time to make tough decisions and say goodbye to the bad in your life…


Colors: Blue, Orchid, Yellow

Things couldn’t be brighter. So why not show it off? This swimsuit from Boom Sason Quick Custom RTW will take you from sunbathe to chill in no time flat.

Predicion: Superstar, that’s what you are. You’re gold this year. Just be you.


Colors: Pink, Blue, Green

Every woman needs a dress that makes her feel like a romantic, like this Huishan Zhang feathered dress in the palest of pinks.


Prediction: Baby be good because you’re gonna need it if you don’t wanna get into trouble this year.


Colors: Blue, yellow

Want something that makes a statement without blinging out too much? Try these Labradorite earrings from DSV Studio. Aside from sounding like a big friendly dog, Labradorite is used in psychic protection and amplifies healing prayers and affirmations and rooting out negative patterns.

Prediction: You’re good this year so don’t worry too much, but don’t get too full of yourself because karma’s still scarier than you.


Colors: Red, yellow  

Sometimes a mellow yellow is all you need to get the weekend going. And who knew it went so well with lavender?

Prediction: Take it slow and indulge in some self care this year. It’s your year so feel your oats and take care of yourself. Take stock of what you need.