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Lou Clark’s 6 Most Fashionable Moments in ‘Me Before You’

Live boldly, dress boldly!
Lou Clark’s 6 Most Fashionable Moments in ‘Me Before You’ Live boldly, dress boldly!

Emilia Clarke’s character, Lou Clark, does more than enchant you with her 24/7 happiness in the movie Me Before You. She intrigues not just with her expressive and always-on-fleek eyebrows but also with her quirky wardrobe choices. 

Here we see her top six most fashionable moments in the film. Scroll down to see her style evolution.

1. Her bold butterfly print skirt and orange tights


In the opening scene we get a glimpse of just how bold Lou’s character is. Her first outfit exemplifies just how much joie de vivre she has.

2. Her fuzzy orange sweater and braids

Here we see Lou’s childlike innocence through her schoolgirl ensemble: a button-down worn under a sweater tucked in a high waisted skirt and paired with tights. Not everyone can pull off bright orange but Lou just makes it work.

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3. Her pastel sweater and scarf

As the story develops, Lou lets go of her more boldly hued clothes and switches to muted but still cheerful colored ones. She accents this outfit with a silk scarf, perfect for a bike ride.

4. That red dress


Okay, we need to talk about this stunner. Lou chooses the perfect silhouette and color that accentuates all her assets. And as Will puts it, “Lose the scarf. If you’re gonna wear a dress like that, you have to wear it with confidence.” We agree. There was no need for any other accessory

5. Her navy blue dress with surfers


At first glance, this dress is like what most girls on vacay would wear. But if you look closely, the dress literally has surfers printed on it. While Lou is experimenting with more grown-up cuts, her eccentric sense in fashion never seems to fade away.

6. Her Paris outfit

Lou looks more polished here and one would fear she lost her contagious joyfulness but as we examine the rest of her ensemble, we are proven wrong through her bumble bee tights. That’s our girl: proud of her uniqueness and originality, and embraces it!


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