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LOTD: Here's a Perfect Example of Why Trousers Are SO Not Boring

LOTD: Here's a Perfect Example of Why Trousers Are SO Not Boring
Think again!

If you tend to associate trousers with anything work-related (and therefore stuffy, restricting, boring...), Yessa Yu is politely asking you to please hold your horses. Don't jump to any conclusions just yet, because her particular pair is ready to change your mind!

Now, a quick barrage of fun facts: Yessa's a travel consultant, a cycling instructor over at Electric Studio, and a member of Preview's 2015 Best Dressed list. Whew. That last bit is key here, though: the flouncy flared cut of her gray trousers make all the difference, giving her outfit dimension and movement. Think of it as a skirt for each of your shins, swishing merrily with every step and adding volume to an otherwise skintight ensemble. Don't you just love balance? And being proven wrong? Us, too...sometimes.

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