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LOTD: Chanel Has the Cutest Idea to Keep You Dry on a Rainy Day

A plastic bucket hat, anyone?
LOTD: Chanel Has the Cutest Idea to Keep You Dry on a Rainy Day
A plastic bucket hat, anyone?

Manila's on peak summer mode, but in case you hadn't noticed, there have been sudden occasional showers all over the metro. The sun isn't always shining, so what happens when the rain pours? You'll be left drenched and confused...and standing soaked in a ruined outfit. Priorities. 

That said, Singaporean style star Yoyo Cao has a proposition for you: why not don a plastic bucket hat instead of lugging an umbrella around? Don't laugh, because this is serious food for thought.


Doesn't she make it look so oddly good? We're sold. The PVC topper she's got on is a statement accessory that's both trendy and highly functional...not that you'd want to get anything by Chanel wet, but when push comes to shove, it'll clearly (pun intentional) survive the flood.

And you can flaunt it on sunny days, too! Talk about an all-weather look.

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