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LOTD: This Is the '90s Summer Top Your Closet Needs Right Now

The tube's back!
LOTD: This Is the '90s Summer Top Your Closet Needs Right Now
The tube's back!

Wanda Chen is making a case for the tube top's return, and she couldn't be any more timely. Summer's here! These '90s relics are simultaneously the easiest and most difficult things to wear: for one, they're made of a single piece of fabric you simply slip into, but on the other hand, they reveal a lot more than they cover. So how is a girl supposed to deal?


Easy, Wanda says. A loose-fitting pair of jeans is the ultimate, foolproof solution—they add just the right dash of grunge drab to a look that might be a bit too hubadera for your taste. Compromise is key.

Also, this is a great way to show off those arms and shoulders without dipping into the cleavage pool at all. Brilliant. Sun's out, guns out, they do say.

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