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LOTD: Sarah Lahbati Has an Easy Tip for Styling Your Accessories

Earrings and necklaces together? Why not!
LOTD: Sarah Lahbati Has an Easy Tip for Styling Your Accessories
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/sarahlahbati
Earrings and necklaces together? Why not!

Coco Chanel once said that before leaving the house, you should check yourself in the mirror and take one thing off. From this we can deduce that Coco, a woman of style and a believer of timeless elegance, promoted simplicity. And if we're to use her sartorial advice as basis, then Sarah Lahbati is a maximalist rebel, accessory-wise.

In an Instagram post, the actress wore thick gold hoops, a gold chain, and a pendant necklace all at the same time. Usually, this would be considered a fashion faux pas for wearing both a necklace and a big pair of earrings. But in Sarah's case, the look actually works.

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The trick here is to stick to one metal (in this case, gold) and choose baubles that seem to have the same weight (notice how the thickness of her chain necklaces and earrings are almost the same?) so your accessories can work as a flattering frame for your face. Plus, if you're piling on the accessories, sticking to ones with a minimalist look will also keep the focus on your facial features.

Additionally, if you're interested in wearing even more necklaces, opt for thin chains and subtle pendants to complement a statement piece. You can vary the length but keep the same metal tone to maintain the coherency of your look.