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LOTD: This Is the Chic Way to Wear Your Grandpa's Oversized Cardigan

BRB, stealing lolo's clothes!
LOTD: This Is the Chic Way to Wear Your Grandpa's Oversized Cardigan
BRB, stealing lolo's clothes!

Outfit ideas that involve chunky knits and sweaters over midi dresses or pleated skirts definitely perch atop our minds as cooler days come. But this time around, we're not just looking into our own closets for this holiday's fab finds.

As Irene Kim demonstrates, it's time to raid your grandpa's wardobe, too! The oversized aesthetic comes into play for this lookIrene wears the cardigan as a dress layered over a button-down shirt (which is also oversized, mind you). It's a smart and practical way to keep snug in a tropical country like ours where the weather is a bit erratic. Complete the menswear-inspired look with a newspaper boy hat and slip on velvet boots like Irene. Don't forget to balance out the look by clutching a feminine bag. Go for a textured one, while you're at it! Feathery, sequined, or patched up—any of these will take your OOTD up a notch for sure!

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