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3 Cute Ways to Wear Monochrome This Summer

BRB, coordinating OOTDs with our besties, too!
3 Cute Ways to Wear Monochrome This Summer
BRB, coordinating OOTDs with our besties, too!

Don't sleep on one of the easiest fashion trends to wear this summer: monochrome dressing! Yes, we know it's been around for quite a while now, but there are just so many creative ways you can embrace the trend. Case in point are these young stylish besties: Let Renee De Guzman, Bea Marin, and Jeline Catt show you how you can play around with this super chic yet versatile trend for the summer season.


1. For beginners, choose a jumpsuit.

By doing so, you can easily hop on the trend without breaking a sweat. But if you worry about the jumpsuit's cost per wear, then you ought to get one that comes in a neutral color just like Renee's. Notice also how she opted for one with a tube neckline, wide leg cut, and cargo details—these make it easy to re-style with other pieces.

2. Short suits can look sporty, too.

Take it from Bea who styled her powder blue suit with a sports bra. It's a cute way to make your office blazer summer-friendly! Slip into a pair of chunky sneakers and you're good to go.

3. Turtlenecks can be worn even during the summer.

Provided that they come in lightweight material, of course! Additionally, it would also help to pair them with shorts so you won't feel too hot. That said, make sure to stick to a unified palette to keep a clean, fresh, and polished look. You can even learn from Jeline and make your all-white OOTD extra youthful by completing it with a sock-and-heel footwear combo. So cute!

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Now all that's left to do is to pose with your besties just like this cute trio!

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