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LOTD: Michelle Lao Proves You Can Never Wear Too Many Bows in One Outfit

So cute!
LOTD: Michelle Lao Proves You Can Never Wear Too Many Bows in One Outfit
So cute!

There's a reason why Michelle Lao landed a spot on Preview's Best Dressed List last year. She's unafraid to push boundaries and take her outfits up to the next level.

For example, her take on bows. When worn alone, the detail looks too frilly and delicate. But when worn thrice in the same outfit, it becomes an avant-garde interpretation of this girly knot. Feeling inspired to do the same? Follow in her footsteps and limit your ensemble's color palette to three hues that won't take away the attention from your look's focal point: the bows. Additionally, wear bows in varying sizes to help create a silhouette. See how she wore the biggest bow on her shoulder and the smaller ones on her waist and shoes? The big bow acts as the statement piece while the ribbon at her waist serves as a cincher to accentuate her curves. Then, she completed her look with a pair of mules for a modern and out-of-the-box styling. Well done, Michelle!

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