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LOTD: How to Wear Pink to the Office, According to Liza Soberano

She's a certified #GirlBoss!
LOTD: How to Wear Pink to the Office, According to Liza Soberano
She's a certified #GirlBoss!

It's always a struggle to go all out when dressing up if your office implements a strict dress code. Because of this, most steer away from striking hues and are often left with a closet brimming with pieces in neutral colors instead. Luckily, Liza Soberano is here to remind us that a professional #OOTD is not restricted to a black and white palette. 


The actress was in head-to-toe pink, an outfit you can totally peg for the workplace without looking too distracting. You can achieve this with a tried-and-tested styling technique: monochrome dressing. Instead of choosing bright tones of pink, opt for its subdued shades on the color spectrum.

Also, do keep in mind how color can influence your body's silhouette. That said, you might want to wear darker shades for the specific areas you want to appear leaner or longer. Liza did this by wearing trousers in a darker shade of pink to streamline her bottom half.  

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