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LOTD: Liz Uy Teaches You to Wear Three Trendy Pieces All at Once

No better teacher, tbh!
LOTD: Liz Uy Teaches You to Wear Three Trendy Pieces All at Once
No better teacher, tbh!

It's easy to look, well, tacky when piling the trends on, which is why most of us opt to gingerly dip a toe in with caution. In short, we're prone to sampling anything current in small bites! Leave it to Liz Uy to be the contradiction, though: check out how she wears three trendy key pieces all in one go.


Logo tee, check. Lightweight trench, check. Wales plaid trousers, check. She's got everything any girl needs to build the foundations of an updated wardrobe, but it's how she styles this ensemble that really gets us. It's simple and complicated at the same timeon one hand, just throw everything 0n, but on the other, if you're not Liz Uy, it may be difficult to pull off. We'll boil things down to Attitude (yep, with a capital A).

Seriously, though? Her trick is in the details...or lack thereof. Pick simple, straightforward versions of the runway's latest; that way, layering them on won't look too outre. Give it a shot!

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