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LOTD: Liz Uy Will Make You Want to Wear Your Old School Uniform

No, seriously.
LOTD: Liz Uy Will Make You Want to Wear Your Old School Uniform
No, seriously.

Have you ever even so much as considered wearing that old school uniform blazer of yours out? No? Well, watch Liz Uy try to change your mind...and with a foreseeable 100% success rate, too. 

Her plaid Tibi suit, Gucci buckled sandals, and Sacai handbag have us convinced: There's zero reason we shouldn't bust out those checks of yore. While wearing them on the daily once drove us mad with teenage boredom, as adults we're all grown up and ready to experiment.


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Ease your way into the look by taking things one step at a time. Try pairing your old school skirt with a cool tee and some sneakers, for example, then go up a notch and toss the matching jacket on, too. Your batchmates are going to throw amused, awestruck hearts at that OOTD, we guarantee it. Wax nostalgic!

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