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LOTD: Aimee Song Has a Genius Hack If Your Off-Shoulder Top Keeps Falling

What a cute fashion hack!
LOTD: Aimee Song Has a Genius Hack If Your Off-Shoulder Top Keeps Falling
What a cute fashion hack!

Aimee Song knows our struggle. As much as we want to wear that off-shoulder top we bought that's just a little too loose, it's just plain bothersome. Maybe you bought a size too big or you simply have small shoulders, but that doesn't mean you can't wear off-shoulder tops!

Here, Aimee demonstrates just how a little styling trick can turn your shopping mishap into a whole new outfit. For tops that are too loose on you, layer over a fitted dress to keep it in place. Let the sleeves fall naturally and just make it seem like it's part of the outfit. Additionally, you can pull this off by slipping in a similarly colored article, and finish off by tucking in what doesn't need to be seen to make the new look seamless and polished.


But remember that since you're basically wearing a single-colored outfit, you should break up the monotony by accessorizing. Go for complementary colors if you want a fun and playful vibe, otherwise, stick to neutrals to make the ensemble look more refined and sophisticated.

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