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LOTD: Here's Why We Love Laureen Uy’s Sequined Outfit

Quirky accessories? Yes, please!
LOTD: Here's Why We Love Laureen Uy’s Sequined Outfit
Quirky accessories? Yes, please!

Laureen Uy has mastered the art of putting together bold and daring ensembles. Her unique sartorial voice makes her stand out in a sea of bloggers who dress in almost the same way. And with her continuously pursuing to push the boundaries in the local fashion scene, we can learn a thing or two (or three) from this style maven.


With Laureeen, layering is the the new matching. It's not just about whether this skirt matches that bottom. She also knew which dress to layer with what top. She even proved that sequins and silk can go together. (How else are you going to tame that shiny blue blouse, anyway?) And lastly, instead of going for the usual pompom bag charms like everyone else, the blogger chose to stay true to her quirky style and opted to adorn her mini bag with a nano bag accessory instead. Why? Laureen would probably say, why not!

Main image and photo from @laureenmuy on Instagram.

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