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12 Local Streetwear Brands That Should Be on Your Radar

Here are more reasons to love local.
12 Local Streetwear Brands That Should Be on Your Radar
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/factoryforhire, 12thhouse, wsh
Here are more reasons to love local.

When one speaks of streetwear, we're immediately picturing Virgil Abloh's Off-WhiteDemna Gvasalia's Vetements, or James Jebbia's Supreme. But why is it that our minds are automatically wired to look to the West for cool street style inspo when our very own Manila streets are pulsing with new, creative blood? Below, we list 12 promising brands that will convince you that our local street style game is very much alive.

1. Wsh

Introducing Witness Surreal Hypnosis, or "Wsh" in short. The brand is hinged on graphic designs that might look like there's a lot going on, but take another careful look and you'll see just how persnickety they are about details and meanings.

2. Most High Co.

Apart from their boxy silhouettes, work jackets, and no-fuss tees, this brand can be noted for its musings on existence.

3. Don't Blame the Kids

DBTK is popular among the youth for its collaged art style translated into easy tees you can wear everywhere. Talk about wearable art, right?


4. Vestigial

This brand will either make you become more in touch with your religion or open your eyes to the real world as it tugs on man's spirituality and makes political statements through their shirts.

5. Thy Origins

Street wear shouldn't always mean wearing black or making tough statements. As Thy Origins dictates, street style can come in cute pastel-colored tees emblazoned with the faces of Greek myth gods.

6. Support Your Friends

Stay cozy with SYF's wide range of sweatshirts, hoodies, and tees made from quality materials. If you're looking to start your sporty street wardrobe, your search ends here.

7. Factory For Hire

Fed Pua's Factory For Hire is a celeb fave for a reason. Its style echoes eclectic vintage-inspired pieces that will fit right into your modern wardrobe.

8. Progress

Style is essentially in their name. Their logo is emblazoned on their breezy tees you'll want to hoard and wear as your uniform. Perhaps, this one word could be your new mantra?


9. Bastard

Pardon the profanity, but you'll instantly love their simple yet highly impactful style. 

10. Three Down

Three Down, as they describe themselves, was born from the street and built from the soil. You'll find new love for the local skater culture through their clean, minimal style.

11. The Twelfth House

The Twelfth House understands the Manila streets. It was made by the common people to be worn by the common people.

12. Case Study

Case Study Atelier's in-house brand will remind you of modern style that does not shy away from progress. Hinged on the mid-centrury modernism era, they treat style as wearable art.