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7 Places in the Philippines Where You Can Go Skinny Dipping

Bare it all!
7 Places in the Philippines Where You Can Go Skinny Dipping
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Bare it all!

Lately, Aubrey Miles really has us thinking: Why not go skinny dipping? There's something innately thrilling about swimming in the nude—for one, it's not something typically done on most beaches, and second, baring skin that's usually hidden is an adventure in itself. If you're nodding along with our reasoning, then it's time to take a trip! Below, seven local spots that will really (read: literally) let you strip down and be one with nature.

1. Secret Lagoon, El Nido, Palawan

Named so because the only way into this hidden gem is through a tiny hole in the jagged cliffside of Miniloc Island, swimming in El Nido's Secret Lagoon has a thrill to it you'll never feel anywhere else. Need a respite from the heat? The waters here are unusually cool, thanks to the constant shade that the surrounding towering limestone rocks lend.

2. Seafari Resort, Oslob, Cebu

Seafari is perched prettily on the breathtaking cliffs of Tanawan, Cebu. You'll have to tackle a long set of steps to pay them a visit, but the unparalleled tranquility it boasts is sure to be worth the trek.


3. Amanpulo, Palawan

Top-notch luxury meets untouched natural beauty at Amanpulo, a private island resort in Palawan ringed by a white-sand beach and coral reefs in the Sulu Sea. You'll be spoilt rotten here!

4. Balesin Island Club, Quezon

Known for its seven villages themed after some of the world's most popular beach destinations, Balesin Island is a members-only, 500-hectare tropical island paradise. Its ultimate pride? The 7.3 kilometers of pristine white-sand beaches lining its waters.

5. Tamaraw Falls, Puerto Galera, Mindoro

This scenic waterfall isn't just pretty to look at; it's got charming little artificial pools at its base for visitors to swim in! Take in the luscious green foliage while relaxing worry-free.

6. Floral Island Resort, Palawan

A private island you can actually call your own for a few days, Floral is completely solar-powered and proud to be part of the Coral Triangle Initiative, an international project focused on planting artificial reefs to encourage flourishing marine life!


7. Tangke Saltwater Lagoon, Gigantes Island, Iloilo

Another precious, secluded lagoon! Tangke is a natural saltwater pool located in a hidden spot behind the steep cliffs of Isla de Gigantes Sur in Carles, Iloilo. Its refreshing shallow waters and interesting stories are sure to win your heart—one goes that making too much commotion in the pond will earn the wrath of the enkantosprotecting it.