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Local Label Weave Opens In Uptown Mall BGC

You've got to visit!
Local Label Weave Opens In Uptown Mall BGC
You've got to visit!

We first laid eyes on young designer Brit Romero's Weave in 2015, back when the brand had just started breaking into the local fashion scene. Two years and a Manila Fashion Festival runway show later, the sleek label's reach is growing faster than ever—now you can visit them on the second floor of Uptown Mall BGC! On opening day, meandered around the new store with Brit herself and managed to sneak in a quick interview. Keep reading!

What inspires you?

"When I travel abroad and I see an interesting shape, I incorporate it into my designs. As a whole, Weave is very architechtural, structured, and thought-out—down to all the little details! I get inspired by things that are well done."


Why 'Weave'?

"It's intertwining laces together to create a whole. Little things make big things, in other words! Tiny details come together to make something one-of-a-kind, something creative."

Could you tell us more about your Spring/Summer's color palette?

"Well, they're mostly non-colors! (Laughs) I just really love that they're neutral and versatile enough to wear anywhere and at any time of year. We're doing a lot of blacks, nudes, dark blues, grays, taupes. There are hints of maroon, too. For summer, the look is minimalist with a feminine twist: for example, basic tops with flowing ruffle details, or black trousers with a ballet-style wrap waist."

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How many collections do you produce in a year?

"The merchandise is updated every two weeks, so you can look forward to new stuff every two weeks! As for collections, we release three every year. Also, all our pieces are created in a very limited number of sizes, so there's this degree of exclusivity you can count on. In a way, what you buy is unique."

Is Weave shoppable online?

"Yes! We have a website, it's called Check us out!"

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